Sunday 22 April 2012

Does this say Civil War!?

I need your help!

I am sending some blocks away to be included in something for someone - bit hush hush - and I must send them soon!  

But they must be in Civil War fabrics.... now I have looked at my stash and come up with these two blocks but am not sure if I have used fabrics which are civil war stuff or even close.  

Not my usual style I admit but my stash goes back a long way - though not quite back to the 1860s!  Haha - I'm not that old!

In the past I bought fabric because I liked it or had some purpose for it or it was on sale!  I do try to be a bit more disciplined now - and usually fail miserably...heehee

Would either of these do or both?


  1. I think they work. All I ever think with Civil War fabrics is small prints and subdued. Those seem to fit the bill - though I like the injection of a little colour.

  2. These just scream Civil War, so you can stop worrying.

  3. Looks old and dull enough for me!

  4. Mrs S&S they fit the bill nicely! Di xo

  5. I dont like them so to me they are civil war lol

  6. Chuckling at Katy's comment! I think they'll definitely pass muster!!

  7. They have that civil look, so I'm sure they'll be fine to use

  8. totally civil war and I actually love that purple and orange :) are your sure about your stash dates !


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