Tuesday 10 April 2012

Finish-along - bring it on - Round 2!

Rhonda is challenging us to sign up and deliver a list of projects - which have to have been started, you know UFOs - for the second quarter of the Finish-along!  

I have a lot of UFOs and need all the help I can get and so I signed up to deliver four in the last quarter and do you know what?   I actually got them done!

I have high hopes for this next quarter - April to end of June!

So what am I going to tackle I hear you ask...?

First up I desperately want to finish this quilt - 

The Fruity Polo quilt....

I got ready for the FAL by hand sewing lots of centres on the hexagons but am wanting to add a wide border all round this quilt and was waiting on an order of Kona cerise to do that.  

It has now arrived  - yipee!  I may add a further border but will wait to see how it looks.  Then I am thinking of coloured strips of Kona solids for the backing!   And some machine quilting round the hexagons....simple enough!

Second I want to finish this top Friendship's Garden - my oldest UFO dating back to 2005!  Two borders to applique on by hand and the top is done!  Then if I have time, layering and basting this biggy would be good - ready for a bit of handquilting in the next quarter!  I want this one finished in time for hubby and my silver wedding anniversary on 5th September this year!

Not sure if this qualifies as finished but if not this quarter then most definitely next!

Third I need to get this quilt completed The Jelly Roll Sampler - another one from a Carolyn Forster workshop....

This is made from thirties repro fabric and I had fun looking out lots of HST variants but I have only scratched the surface!

Those alternate plain squares are crying out for some quilting and I was thinking of this pattern...

Not sure whether that will be by hand or by machine...?  

I even have the backing fabric (I just need to sew it together) and the binding fabric ...but I hate basting quilts which is why this is still a top!

Fourthly this little baby quilt panel in dark colours has been hanging around forever and needs to be done and sent on its way - wherever that may be!

Noah and his animals...dated or what??  

I got four things done last time and I hope that I really can complete these three quilts and one quilt top.  Is that enough?  

It could be, but we can only count quilts/projects on our list and with no penalty for uncompleted projects I feel I should just get all my UFOs out there in the open...so here are a few more

My Strip plaid quilt top

This one was inspired by Juliekquilts.  If you do not know her and her lovely scrappy, often stringy quilts then I think it is about time you did!  She is also super quick at putting her quilts together...unlike me!

I need to add a border on but I seem to have thought of rather a complicated one which has put me off somewhat but the top should be done and soon.  Though what I will do on the back - I have no idea yet!   Suggestions are welcome....

The Churn Dash 9 Patch - again inspired by JulieKQuilts - oversized blocks in solids and using the red repro fabrics leftover from the Jelly Roll Sampler.  

I want to make a granny square top as the other side to this one in the other thirties fabrics I have left - not sure if that makes it a new start or a finishing off? 

Fright Nite - the top was completed in Quarter 1 and I have an idea for the back - I just have to get on with it!  Again - new start or finishing off?

And finally the Basket Weave quilt - another Carolyn Forster workshop!  

This is one panel of four I think!  Now I started this an age ago but decided to quilt this heavily by hand as-you-go and only got as far as this one square, which if you look closely isn't even finished.... 

Was I mad or what?  I think that crosshatching is about a quarter of an inch square!   I am tempted to take it out and start again only choose a quicker quilting pattern or machine quilt it!   What do you think!?  Would probably make a good FMQ sampler...?

Now when I say these are all my UFOs - they are all the 'more or less half done ones' .  I have a few more at the block stage but I shall parade them another day....enough already I hear you scream!

I doubt I will finish eight projects this quarter as I am doing a few other things too but I flag them up so you can nag me, and remind me, and stop me from starting too many new things!   Well you can try...


  1. Ha - good luck! If you manage all this I will be amazed but then you have amazed me before so maybe I should keep quiet here! I love the jelly roll sampler quilt. It is really lovely.

  2. there are my two old favourites-polo fruity and friendship's garden! The polo fruity looks gorgeous with the centres! Go girl start with those two and then move on. I am sure you will stay on target.
    Love your jelly roll sampler and string quilt. Lots of loveliness!!

  3. They are all so close to being finished. I tend to stall out at borders too.

    Your quilts are all beautiful!

  4. Looks like you've got a bunch of neat finished projects on the horizon. I especially like the Fruity Polo one. Where will you display them all once you're finished?

  5. It's going to be a busy few months for you! How are you going to decide which one to tackle after Fruity Polos - pick a name out of a hat?!!

  6. You are a woman after my own heart. A million projects started with some hope that if you post them you will actually work on them. Good luck this quarter, they look like great projects!

  7. Woah Nicky that is one heck of a list!!! Knowing you you'll get half done and the other half will move to the next quarter! Stop blogging and start sewing woman!! =D

  8. Wow, you have so many lovely projects on the go!
    Looking forward to seeing them progress over the quarter :)

  9. Are you sleeping from now to June????? Maybe I should come over and give you a hand.....I'll make the cuppas and you can sew!

  10. Good luck with that list! As you're so good at getting things done though, can I send you a few of mine? ;o)

  11. Wow that is rather a lot of UFOs! I love the first one and your other projects look great. I look forward to seeing them finished! Good Luck! :)

  12. Good grief woman - go take some tablets or something. These are aone shed load of beautiful quilts. You have just GOT to finish them!

  13. Oh my goodness gracious! You don't have time to be blogging about this stuff. GET STITCHING!

    What a wonderful pile of finished quilts you'll have! :)

  14. Golly!! UFOs...aarrrgghh!

    Still not beaten my record of over 13 years!!! Haha!

    Go girl!


  15. wow - good luck with your progress on all of these - aim high right ! and I love the idea of a granny square top as the backing for the churn dash - that would definately be a new project ! and I'm loving your idea of two quilts in one - maybe I'll look into that - lol :)

  16. Your Fruity Polo Quilt makes me want to start another project!

  17. Very beautiful quilt above -Fruity Polo! The amazing color!

  18. Your fruity polo quilt is amazing. Is there a pattern available?
    Thank you..


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