Saturday 7 April 2012

Funky Wonky Forest!

Here is the forest that I have grown in the last few days....

They are supposed to be wonky but I think they are more scrappy!   

I have strip pieced, curve pieced, appliqued, and reverse appliqued!  So much learnt - still lots to learn but I am taking steps forward....albeit wonky ones!

My forest will be flying off to the US and then distributed somewhere in the world.  I love that - a bit of my stuff ending up with someone else's stuff, somewhere on this round ball floating in space.  Awesome isn't it?

I have found this swap inspiring, challenging and fun!  The girls in the group are fun and supportive too and Jane our swap mamma is fabulous !  She manages to keep us in order - such a hard job!

The next round will be wonky four patches - nice and easy - and wonky stars - which I love too!  We have yet to decide whether the star blocks will be 9.5, 6.5, or 3.5 inches square! 

But I am not scared of this coming round as I have already done all these sizes on Cindy's choice of bee block in January - as you can see here....

- the Stargazer block which she is making into a great quilt!   Check it out!

We have the option to go for both blocks or just one, and we do a multiple of 4 - 4, 8 or 12!  It's that simple....!  If you want to join - here is the Flickr group

Oh and Happy Easter everyone!


  1. Lovely lovely blocks Nicky, have a fab Easter!

  2. So glad you're putting trees back into our receding green environment! Have a lovely Easter! Jxo

  3. That is one cool looking forest! Imagine seeing that out of your window! Love the bee blocks!!

  4. Lovely wonky colourful forest! Congrats. Di xo

  5. what a beautiful forest!
    Your stars are gorgeous too. I love the blue with the orange and green stars.
    Happy stitching!

  6. love the forest - looks like I've missed out on some conversation over at the group - must visit now :) crossing fingers that I get one of your ab fab wonky creations

  7. Your trees are wonderful, it looks like a fun group!

  8. Love the one blowing over in the wind - far right, middle row!

  9. What a green thumb you have! Loving the wonky forest...I can't wait to see what you get in return :)

    You rocked those stars! xx

  10. Happy Easter to you too SS. Love the wonky trees.

  11. Hi Nicky,
    what a wonderful forest - wonky and scrappy and crazy!!!
    What a special swap - I like it ☺
    Happy Easter ♥


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