Monday 30 April 2012

Birdy takes flight!

FQ Name tag ready to fly to a new home !

Well everyone wanted to give the bird legs and who am I to resist overwhelming popular opinion!??

I had though of creating some beaded legs on wire but thought they might catch on clothing so then I thought of legs that could be detached - at that point I thought Nicky you are going too far!  The bird will just have to stay legless.

After all your excitement about legs I thought about them again!  And with some helpful suggestions from the lovely Helen I realised they didn't need to be made of wire!  

So here is the birdy with cotton legs as suggested by Helen and a bit of wing stitching as requested by Katy!

Now I said I was going to bling things up with a beaded lanyard.

Well my partner has two options

Daytime with matching fabric lanyard

And Evening with beaded number

Now just to keep it all tidy I thought a pouch was in order and here it is... 

Quirky birdy side up....

The whole package...

Twitter birdy side

Close up of twitter birds... and what could be hiding under those gorgeous buttons?  I wonder!  Or should I say who?

Well until she gets it I couldn't possibly comment....!  But you can guess if you like....


  1. what a really lovely package for a lucky person! LOVE your fmq birds! you sure have mastrered the machine embroidery :-)

  2. OMG that has got to be the most awesome thing I've seen today!
    I so want one of those tags! The legs are too funny! =D

  3. ROFL, nut! Glad to hear the poor thing isn't wingless and legless any more though!

  4. Fantastic. What a great package.

  5. I've loved seeing how the creation of this little birdie has evolved. What fun to read about another's creative process.

    And what a great package you've put together, I'm sure your partner is going to love it.

  6. Well of course she is going to love it! How could she not? I got so tickled over the picture of the birdie running!!!

  7. This is so fantastic! I can't wait to see where it nests :)

  8. Who ever it is - you have really pushed the boat out for them! Lovely x

  9. You have put so much time and work into the tag how could the recipient NOT like it. It is fantastic.

  10. Damn! I am getting so jealous of all these name tags. Love your day/evening options. The bird will be welcomes wherever it goes.

  11. Darn it I already have mine, but then I have Hadley's (yay!) so I cannot be greedy and want this one too, can I??!

  12. So cute!! Love the pouch too and those legs are brilliant :)

  13. The legs are just perfect. What a fantastic package. One day I will get partnered up with you!

  14. The legs are just perfect. What a fantastic package. One day I will get partnered up with you!

  15. such a cute little birdy and love the legs and the bling necklace :)

  16. I love the birdy legs!! Your partner is going to be thrilled with her tag (and the lanyards) and the pouch is fabulous!! In fact, it might already be at its new home...


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