Thursday 19 April 2012

Too much haste, too little speed!

Just to show you that not everything goes well on planet Sew & Sow...

Two grannies gone wrong - I blame trying to squeeze another new make into a tight schedule!

Never mind  - yesterday morning they looked like this ....

And now they look like this....

A bit of sashing is required and I will be ready to put that quilt together.  I know I want to do an allover pattern in machine stitching but the question is what!?

Maybe some fans, maybe some clamshells, maybe some ditsy little flowers - hoping inspiration will come when I get it all basted but I am open to suggestion with this one!

In the meantime I have received this fabric in the post 

Which means I can now add borders to this quilt top!

Like so!

No excuse for not finishing this one soon!  Just got to piece that back!


  1. Sorry, but I did laugh when I saw the second block gone wrong. Not sure but that one just did it. Glad you aren't perfect. Makes it easier for me! ;-)

  2. Ah have you ever thought that blocks can move without you doing it? It happens to me all the time :) The finished granny blocks look lovely! Di xo

  3. Lovely grannies - wonder what the collective term could be?

  4. Oopsie, glad you managed to marshal them into line eventually ;o)

    I think it might be an age of grannies Sheila... ;oD

  5. How did you manage to get it wrong? Love the collection of them you've put together. The quilt looks great with those colours =D

  6. Oh, whoops! I am glad it is not just me who gts these sillies from time to time. Looks good now though!

  7. hahaha, sorry!! They do look wonderful now though! Really pretty. And another top finished, you are seriously rocking through these :)

  8. your top looks great with that aqua colour border.
    love those granny squares!!
    They are on my to do list.

  9. You're flying! Love the finished quilt top - it's so perfectly spring. The little grannies are coming along swimmingly :)

  10. just had to pop in a say hi - those little granny squares are gorgeous and isn't unpicking such a soothing pastime ! and the quilt looks great - those kids are very lucky there are such caring people :)

  11. silly me couldn't even see the mistake, I had to look twice, that'll teach me for blog reading, replying to emails, talking to my 2 year old and checking my bt bill online all at once! Loving all the grannies together! Cannot wait to have time to make myself some.

  12. We all make those little mistakes...
    Your blocks are so nice too.
    It's going to be a lovely quilt.

  13. Great granny blocks! I like the bright colors of your second quilt. Ah, so many quilts, so little time. If only we didn't have to sleep at night, we could quilt all night long....

  14. Wayward grannies!!! Glad you realised before you trimmed them! I love the border on your Siblings quilt - please can you tell us what the solid colours are, they're fabulous!
    P.S. A grumble of grannies?

  15. Those must be liberated grannies. They are coming. Sooner than we think, there will be all sorts of grannies walking aound with tats and weird piercings.

    What about quilting it in bubbles, a.k.a. stacked circles.


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