Sunday 22 April 2012

Umbrella Prints Competition!

Yes that Karen from Blueberry Park tempted me into the Umbrella Prints Trimmings Competition! - well ok the lure of hand screen printed fabrics helped too....!

 Here is the fabric trimmings I received in my first package...

Wow I thought this will be a challenge to put all these little pieces of different colours together - not a colour palette I would have chosen myself!

Now I had an idea of something to help me keep little bits of fabric together while block building - you know you have cut them out but not sewn them up yet and more particularly you have chosen which bits go where and need them to stay in a special place!   

For me this applies in my sewing room between sewing machine and ironing board and when I am out and about hand stitching!

So do you want to see what I have made?

Well I bet you have just scrolled this far anyway....

The front

The back

I was channeling those Retro Flowers while making this! 

The inside in use

My first wee squares of a retro thirties mini quilt kit by Martha!  Totally small 1.25" squares

My scissors and mini pin/needle keeper

I added the ribbon to keep my scissors in place!

Some details

That ellie is thinking sew a little, live a lot - though how she sews with those big feet??

Aurifil thread comes in beautiful colours....doesn't it?

Now don't worry I won't be getting all big headed or anything - I don't expect to win though there are some nice prizes.  There is a judges' choice and a people's choice - so I may let you know and ask you to vote for me or some other talented person ( ok we all know I really mean me!)  but I reckon you may help me out unless like Karen - you are in the competition too!

I will remind you nearer the time if you don't mind!  Thanks peeps!

I used:

PS I did say my first package ....more to come but I need to think of another idea!  Trying to think of something quite different...that's hard cos it's all out there already isn't it!


  1. Oooh, love this, and it looks like loads of fun. I may, or may not have accidentally lobbed one of those packs into my basket on Etsy...

  2. This is wonderful. So well thought out and each fabric used in the best way. I'll be voting for you!!

  3. what a gorgeous make, so funky!

  4. Very not you which is good because it is you now and I like it a lot!

  5. Absolutely brilliant! You are a genius! Di xo

  6. That looks brilliant!
    I like the creative use of felt. Impressed. :-)

  7. Just tell me which key to press and I will press it. Great project there SS and practical too. Double bonus.

  8. Lovely! When does voting begin? I am there but you probably knew that!

  9. Wow! Nicky! This is great! Love the fabric and love what you have done with it :) Such a creative girl!

  10. We do need the rain - our local reservoir is very low!

    But great quilt to distract us from the April showers and hail!

  11. Great idea, I've been meaning to make myself a block keeper but have never got round to it - I just use a scrap of wadding on a book which is no where near as glamorous!! Let me know when it's time to vote and good luck with the 'non-public' vote!!

  12. i love your selection of fabrics - you had some great prints - and love what you have done with them...tres cute...and with your beautiful piece and your loyal followers I'd be daft not to agree to halveses ;-)

  13. Wow, I love it, when can I buy one from the 'Mrs Sew & Sow' sewing supplies shop? :-)

  14. I love the trimmings! You made great use of them! All those little quilted details look great =D

  15. Fab use of small scraps N! Loving Elle! Jxo

  16. totally awesome Nicki - love the little ellie and that saying but in our case maybe its the other way around !! I'll be voting for you :)

  17. great design and I just love your stitchy writing!! Cute elephant too :)

  18. Well, how cute is that!! I love the retro flower and best wishes on winning :-)


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