Thursday 12 April 2012

Noah and friends!

Trying not to let the dust settle too much after finishing all four of the UFOs l committed to last quarter - mini GLOAT! 

I finished my first Finish-along project yesterday!

I admit I chose an easy one to start - it was a rather dated printed panel and some blocks for the backing but it has lain around in my cupboard since Noah's survival of the flood was recent news!

Ok maybe not quite that long but it feels like it!

I have sewn those blocks together as the back 

 And here is the panel all quilted up...

with an all over wave pattern ..doesn't look too bad ....and only had to unpick a little bit which shows that I do need to keep practicing my FMQ or my skill level will quickly revert to zero!

Part of the reason I hadn't finished was, that I didn't know what I was going to do with it, but now I realise it was destined to go to the toddler group I help out at, which is run by the church I go to.  They have a baby corner and the babies can sit, lie or roll on it.  

Close up of wave pattern - which works for wind too I think!

Close up of waves - as well er waves!

They will probably wee, dribble and puke on it too but it is in dark colours so won't show the dirt too much and can be easily washed in the machine!  Match made in - dare I say it - heaven!

My preferred label - FMQ onto the quilt top!  Remove that if you will!

Job done and first tick of my quarter.  That feels good!  It will be handed over next week when mayhem in the church hall resumes!   Argh!

In the meantime I have made a start on attaching Kona cerise borders to Fruity Polo and she likes them very much thank you.  

But I think I will wait to give you the full colour impact for another day.  She will also have a tumbler border round the outer edge as I seem to have so many leftover from that project - ha and I laughed at Carolyn when she revealed the surfeit of tumblers from her quilt - I should be eating humble pie right now!  Yum, yum!  Sorry too full as I just had breakfast!


  1. Lovely to see your finishes again!
    You have really made up the panel beautifully. Great job and it doesn't look dated at all.
    Hooray for you!!

  2. Stop! You are making the rest of us look bad. And I do hope that Noah does not get dribbled or puked on the first week at least! Great job.

  3. I remember that Noah fabric. It is about 20 yrs old. Wow. I even had some, but thought my son would think it weird if I decorated his room in it. (His name is Noah)

  4. I think your mini gloat is well-deserved! Your FMQ looks great, I'm sure the babies will have dribbling on all the animals!

  5. It looks great, Nicky - love the FMQ! Just perfect for babies to explore :)

  6. Huh, show off ;o) The waves are looking good though

  7. You've every right to show off! Great finishes, and the Noah playmat will be perfect for your toddler group, there's so much to look at, it could work like an eye spy quilt! Great fun! Jxo

  8. Way to go you. I think it is lovely! The babies will adore the waves! LOL I wonder if they will get seasick? hehehe

  9. It will be perfect for the playgroup. Great finish!

  10. Woo hoo! Great finish and it's going to a great home. Love the wavy quilting!

  11. Wow you are in the zone!! Love this cute baby quilt! How did you get those waves done?? I'm really struggling with my fmq, my machine just doesn't have enough space and I find it so tricky to work with!!? help me guru! The waves look wonderful :)

  12. It turned out great love the quilting!
    Ha as I was reading after they can roll and play on it I was thinking..yes and dribble and puke too. Then you went and mentioned it. Too funny! =D

  13. Well done you, the littlest will lovethe Noah's ark, and you've got rid of it - win!

  14. You are allowed to gloat as you have finished the projects. Enjoy the feeling. As for Noah- what a way to go.... Wash him often, poor man. Di xo


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