Tuesday, 17 April 2012

UFO on the go!

Ok you know what is on my list of UnFinished Objects or UFOs!  If not please look on my updated UFO page!

You may know that I am very tempted to start all sorts of new projects before I have even finished those UFOs - I am weak willed and quite frankly that's how I got into this pickle in the first place!

You may even know that I am trying to resist it!  Swoon for instance has been calling to me for ages....

Well I have started a Sibling Together quilt - that was new!  

How could I resist Lynne's call to arms and Katy's offer of that Riley Blake Jelly Roll - by the way I have just bought some white Makower fabric at £6.99 per m to piece a back for that one along with a meagre sprinkling of the left over Riley Blake!   That is for a good cause so that does not count - in my opinion!

Now what I have been sewing could be called new...I guess if you were very strict and harsh.....  but on the other hand it could be called old - it could be called helping to finish of a UFO

This one...

It is on my list ....I just didn't think I was going to get around to it this quarter.  You see the poor thing is backless and I rarely just put a bit of yardage on the back so....

I had some left over thirties repro fabric and some Kona Snow crying out to be cut into these

Sewn into these

And cut again into these

So you see this cannot count as a new project can it!  Can it??  Oh dear  I may need professional help....quiltmaker's addiction - my name is Nicky I cannot stop making quilts!

PS If you like this pattern and want to make your own quilt then Jolene's great tutorial is here!  And if you are making some blocks why not make a few extra for Trudi who is collecting them to make a quilt ....or two? ....for Quilts for Siblings Together - her flickr thread is here!

Not heard about Quilts for Siblings Together?  Then please do help, join in and read about it here chez Lynne at Lily's Quilts!


  1. Another amazing backing for you then?! I wouldn't expect anything less. Love it.

  2. oooo! look at those little cute grannies! fab fabric for that block!

  3. yes you're an addict!! ;)
    I totally adore the repro fabric so perfect for grannies! gorgeous!

  4. Grannies are definitely not 'new', they are old by definition!

  5. Fight!!!

    I like the way you justify starting something new by making it for the other side of an existing UFO - very clever!! Love your grannies!

  6. Oh you definitely need help ;o)

  7. I see you have caught the bug! Love your blocks! =D

  8. Now you're the queen of backs too! Stop! Jxo

  9. Nicky you are the most prolific quilter! I am constantly amazed at all the things you make and how FAST you make them!

  10. Just found your blog, and your 'UFO' made me smile, I love that term!

    I'm a knitter not a quilter but the same principles apply..UFOs..I have many!

    Fleur xx


  11. Don't listen to Hadley, not all grannies are old. I certainly am not old! BUT your project doesn't count as a new one if you use it as a back so you are in the good....hehehe


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