Sunday 15 April 2012

Siblings Together!

I hope you have come across the story of Lynne talking to someone about a charity called Siblings Together which gives children in the care system in the UK time to be with their siblings - as they can be separated from their brothers and sisters !   

The charity runs holiday camps where the focus is on enjoying positive time with your siblings and they were looking for something they could give the children at the end of their stay to remind them of the good times and help them through the tough ones!

Lynne thought 'quilts' and is now on a mission to gather 50 quilts from the quilting community for the next camp!  And she asked if she could have some help!  I am glad to say she is getting it  - from people donating quilts, fabric, time, skills and I felt I could not sit on the side line just watching but wanted to get involved too! 

Quilts for Siblings Together

When I saw Katy had some fabric up for grabs for this project I put up my hand and received this yummy Riley Blake jelly roll to play with - it arrived yesterday!  

So I looked up this book of Jelly Roll quilts and took advise from my daughter as to what I should make....

With her guidance I went for the simple but effective Pandora's Box pattern - with a few adjustments - as I was running out of fabric!   

Here it is so far...

Like children this little quilt just needs to grow a bit but I have put an order in for some more Kona Jade Green for a final outer border.  Today I hope to piece a back as I have no suitable yardage and then only the wadding will be wanting but soon I hope it will all come together and be good to go!

I think it wants to be on it's way already...

I look at my own three children and wonder what would happen to them if we were not around - I hope someone would be kind enough to make them a quilt and show them a bit of love - it is not enough but it is a start!

Are you joining in?


  1. Nicky, it looks absolutely marvellous. There is going to be a very happy child receiving this quilt.

  2. Yep, sure am. Your quilt is super, loving the colours.

  3. Well done Nickly sound like a really worthy cause. Hope you reach your target of 50.

    I know children like bright fabrics so sorry can't help you out as I don't seem to have anything like that in my stash.

  4. Love those fabrics, great quilt top N! Jxo

  5. lovely!!! Good advice from the daughter!

  6. Heh, definitely having an 'Up, up and away' moment at the end there. Looks fab (if you can keep hold of it!)

  7. It looks wonderful, Nicky! I love how you've got the top finished while I'm still trying to decide what to do!

  8. I love the quilt! A child is going to be so lucky to receive it! =D

  9. Well done SS, a worthy cause and a lovely quilt.

  10. Beautiful. It will definatly be appreciated.

  11. Your quilt looks really lovely Nicky!
    And I love the breezy shots :)

  12. lovely top, so bright and cheery. It will be a real treasure.

  13. Looks great Nicky and kids will love working their way through all the colours. Fi


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