Thursday 5 April 2012

The wonky world continues!

We are now onto wonky trees in the Wonky Swap and here is my prototype...

It started out with a quick sketch like this

I am trying out strip piecing the tree from scraps, curvey piecing the background and appliqueing the trunk.  It wasn't too hard though I'm glad my background was initially larger than it needed to be so I could trim down to a regular rectangle shape - still had to piece a bit in though! 

Am liking it so far but I need to make 16 trees altogether - 8 green and 8 any other colour.  As you can see I have my trunks and foliage - I just need a bit of background and some patience to finish my forest! 

 I am enjoying my playtime with these!   Bit Dr Seuss meets Edward Lear - wonder if the Quangle Wangle is in one of these or could it be the Lorax!?

Oh and once I finish trees I need to make a wonky house for my quilt and one for Bee Blessed.   Apparently all the Pippi's we made last month need homes poor things! 

The Wonkiness carries on here chez Mrs Sew & Sow!  Jump in - you know you want to!

Oh and just to make you a little bit green - I ordered and received the WHOLE COLOUR  RANGE OF KONA SOLIDS.  It has arrived !  Yippee!  

Want to see???

Impressive isn't it!?   Haha!  Did I get you going?


  1. Wow. Curved piecing is muchos impressive!

  2. You will never be able to sew straight again!

  3. Love your wonky trees. Had to click on the pics so I could see all the different trees. Wonderful.
    Love all the solids but they won't make a very big quilt when they are sewn together? lol

  4. Tease!

    Love your trees. They look great on those magazine pages. You need printish fabric for the backgrounds.....although it might look like some sort of go green statement.

  5. How many hours have you spent admiring your colour chart and creating colour combinations that you 'need'?! I love your wonky trees and can't wait to see them with their background on! Have fun!

  6. You are the Queen of Wonk! I salute you!

    Word of caution re: the Kona colour chart. They aren't always accurate to the exact shade of Kona you end up buying. Jxo

  7. The wonky foliage is all looking fab, enjoy your new rainbow hued goodness...

  8. I love your wonky trees! They look like a lot of fun-something to add to the to do list. Ah, the wonderful colors of Kona!

  9. Okay you got me.... heart went all of a flutter...
    Love the sweep of the curvy trees, gorgeous!

  10. You are a Wonky Wonder!!! I am soooo green over the Kona - I can't wait to see it - Wow Nicky!!!

  11. Nothing makes my heart flutter like a Kona card. How exciting!

    Loving the little wonky trees! They're looking so fantastic, creative, happy. Can't wait to see 'em finished :)

  12. Great wonky forest!
    yeah I gasped... then still felt jealous :)

  13. Love the trees. Have to say, I think my heart stopped when you mentioned the "whole range"!!!

    I'm a teeny bit jealous over what you did get, but I had a good giggle too!

  14. They look great! Love all the fabrics =D

  15. Intentional wonky sewing - well that would challenge me although I can always manage unintentional wonky sewing! Di xo

  16. hahahaha! You trickster, you!
    I am in love with the trees. I cannot wait to see them finished!

  17. lol - ooohhh - nearly had me there! love the wonkies :)


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