Monday 23 April 2012

Weekend Activity!

I watched eldest daughter ride on my favourite horse Jack - she is beginning to like him!   She still prefers the mare she used to ride and knows quite well but I think he is starting to win her over!  Well done Jack!

I watched youngest daughter roller skating...she has been practicing during the Easter hols and wants to continue building her confidence and skill!  Good for her I say!

No my activity was of the sewing kind!  As usual here!

I picked up two projects that I started with Carolyn Forster one from way back and the other is a project from last year!

The UFO is a basketweave design the sashing gives you the feeling of woven strips going under and over each other  - well they are supposed to though I think my prints are possibly too close in value to really get that effect - hey I started this one some while ago!

The squares surrounded by the sashing are all pale creams - you know quiet colours because I was going to fill them up with glorious hand quilting and I did make a start on that...

From the front

From the back

Yup - I haven't even finished one block!

So in an effort to move things along a bit I started some machine quilting in the sashing and chose a motif from the printed fabric - an oak leaf!

Oak leaf from the front

 I used some variegated green Aurifil 40 thread and am pleased with the effect from the front anyway.  I have put this quilt together in the 'Quilt as you go method' so it is in four sections that easily fit under the machine and I will later sew the sections together and then quilt over the joins.

Just one little hiccough - have you ever done this?   Woops!

It pays to clear your sewing table  before you start machine quilting - am tempted to leave it in as a reminder...or is that an excuse for someone who doesn't like unpicking?

I will machine stitch all the sashing and around the four patch panel but the question is...... do I unpick all that handstitching in the one panel and do just machining to get this quilt finished or do I continue with the handstitching?  

Or should I change to cotton perle big stitching in those panels adding a bit of brighter colour to a subtle or dull ( depending on your point of view) quilt!?  

C'mon girls I could do with some advise here!  Personally I am leaning towards the cotton perle!

My other project was to make progress with my spools blocks

I diligently completed 19  last year 

And I have started 13 more this weekend

I think I can push this one along a bit!  For me this was a new colour palette to work with and predominantly solids - just one little print on the thread bit of the spool!  I think I need about 81 to make a quilt - still some way to go then.


  1. ROFL, I think you can probably very carefully cut that scrap out without disturbing the stitching...

  2. Ha! I love the hitch hiker!!! Your quilting both hand and machine is spectacular!

  3. Bugger on the scrap attachment! I haven't done that but I did manage to fold over the excess backing around the edge and fmq it into the quilt last week. That had to be unpicked, and then carefully re-stitched. So I can sympathise greatly!

  4. I love your hand quilting. It is beautiful.

    Ya, I've caught the wrong bits in my sewing before. It is never a good thing. You could always do a little needle turn applique and just leave it there. Or NOT.

    Your spools are beautiful too. The solids look great.

  5. Too funny - there for the grace...and all that!

    Hand stitching still gives me the shivers as much as FMQing, so you're on your own!

  6. I think Katy's right, you could get that scrap out with some careful cutting and some tweezers action! Your hand quilting is lovely but are you likely to continue with it or just put it back in the cupboard? If you'll finish it then I say carry on with the dense hand quilting, if not get out the perle!!!

  7. Depending on how quickly you want to finish it..i.e are you fed up of it and want to get it done and out of the way....or do you want it to have love and attention. I'd say bust out the perle!

    Wow 81! And you haven't even made half =P

  8. Hi Nicky,

    I’ve nominated your blog for the Sunshine Award, I hope you will accept. Take a look at my Sunshine Award post to see how it works.

    Thank you for being a follower of my blog. I love your quilting and know where to visit when I need inspiration and beautiful eye candy.

    Best Wishes
    Kay in Scotland

  9. The girls sound like they had a fun weekend.
    I like the hand quilting in the cream block, pearl thread would get it done quicker. I wouldn't unpick to get the scrap out just cut it till it comes away.

  10. I think you should go with the perle!! Leave the fabric where it is it will make you smile every time you see it and a good reminder to have a tidy ;)

  11. oops and I meant to say I LOVE the oak leaf :)

  12. Re the extra Fbric caught in the back . . . No need to unpick, trim really close to the stitches one side, and gently tug the other, it should fray its way out (guess how I know :-)

  13. Definitely go with the perle! It is a lovely design, but that would give it a lift!You would smile when you looked.
    As for the 'little bit for later' I expect it will slice out if you are careful, It is like that breathless moment when you have sewn in the sleeve, and you take ouit the pins and discover that extra little paralell dart you have acquired...

  14. I like the handquilting block and it will add a nice touch to your quilt. I like the idea of the perle cotton and the oak leaf quilting design is a nice touch. I've stitched over a little hitchhiker myself so many times....

  15. Oh Nicky - I just saw that another reader has also nominated you! So you can accept us both I hope.
    My thoughts - do the machine quilting. It takes YEARS to quilt a quilt that densely, and QAYG is brilliant. One of thee days I plan to try it.

  16. so you've probably already started but I'd love to see some perle stitching - love that oak leaf and bummer about that little scrap of fabric - lol - sorry, I'm giggling about the unpicking :)


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