Saturday 31 December 2011

Needlebook with memories!

My mother was a great stitcher of many things and I have several of her excellent pieces.  It has always been my desire to make something with them, and one of the pieces I have long admired is a little detailed stitchery in wool on canvas - probably using a Danish pattern - as she liked the naturalistic style of those.  

This pattern is probably a daisy or Bellis perennis to the afficionados!  It is really sweet - too nice to stay in a drawer so I have made it into a needlebook!  I can enjoy it and use it and think happy thoughts of mum!

If you are making something as a sample - why not make it into a little souvenir for someone you hold dear and give it to them to enjoy and use and hold dear in turn!


  1. Sweet idea x
    Have a peaceful New Year Nicky xxx

  2. I have so many "samples" - great thought.
    Happy New Year Nicky.x

  3. What a great idea SS. I don't have any treasures of that kind but love the thought. Will have to have a good look in my box of odds to see what can be salvaged and made good. Happy New Year to you.

  4. What a great idea! I love that you give new live to something your mom obviously spent a lot of time working on. Well done :)

  5. Great idea. I have an unfinished embroidered tray cloth - wonder what I could do with the finished bits.
    Happy New Year Nickey, to you and your family

  6. What a fab way to use such a treasure, enjoy!

    Happy new year to you and yours :o)

  7. Lovely Nicky !! Happy New Year xxxxxx

  8. what a great way to have a memory of your mum at hand to keep you company.
    A lovely stitchery too.

  9. Great idea!!! Loved your last post also from your house. Happy New Year!


  10. beautiful, what a nice way to finish your mom's work.
    A true treasure for you I am sure
    Happy New Year!

  11. How sweet! Happy New Year, Nicky!

  12. What a great idea! And I still have some of those daisies flowering in my garden!


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