Tuesday 20 December 2011

What am I doing?

I ask myself the same question?

I should be making more things as Christmas pressies and instead I end up unpicking some really bad machine quilting I did earlier this year from before I discovered FMQ and practiced!

This is the back of the quilt with a lovely large ruck sewn in!  Yeugh!

Then started quilting it!

From the outset I wanted this quilt to be a tribute to naive piecing and the lovely Bear's Paw block.  I wanted it to be a really primitive looking quilt in the make do and mend tradition of old and the recycling philosophy of now!

Front of the top before basting...

I used old flannel from Worn and Washed and my children's old flannel cot sheets.  I pieced blocks from whatever I had to, including making fabric to get the size of square or triangle I needed and didn't bother to match up the plaid fabrics when I did!

My first attempt at quilting by machine was a disaster - but I unpicked all of it!   I decided to go FMQ with Aurifil again - red on top and orange underneath!   I would have loved to hand quilt a baptist/Amish fan over the whole quilt but my flannel backing was just too tough to get a needle and cotton perle through so I have machined my Baptist Fans in the square of the Bear's Paw and have outlined the triangles.

 The front now...

I am loving the texture of the fans on the front and the back. 

The back now....

Better view of the front now..

 When I am finished quilting the blocks I may think about how to quilt those square shapes that appear in white between the Bear's Paws!  But I will probably just bind it first so we can use it this Christmas....???  Oh I do hope so!


  1. this is really nice. looks like it will keep some one wonderfully warm.

    Could have people sign the little white spaces-your holiday visitors.

    Thank you for your very enjoyable blog
    Merry Christmas

  2. I truly love this quilt!! Beautiful...I hope you can bind it and use it soon...wonderful!

  3. It's looking great now Nicky. Well done for persevering!

  4. now you are cooking! That is just beautiful. I love that you used all the recycled flannels and bear paw is one of my favourite blocks.
    It will look great for Christmas!
    Love it.

  5. Good job Nicky. That looks like it would have been fun (except for unpicking the machine quilting). I can't believe your patience.

  6. I hope you get it done before Christmas! It is lovely!! Wishing you a beautiful week!


  7. Oh it looks so snuggly! Love quilts made from recycled fabrics, esp. ones that tell a story! Lovely! Jxo

  8. Looking good missus, and nice and warm (don't let that 15 C prediction for Christmas day put you off finishing it ;o) )

  9. It looks wonderful - I hope you get it finished, it would be lovely to snuggle under on Christmas afternoon whilst reading a new book!

  10. What a warm and welcoming quilt, Nicky! The bear paw is such a classic design, and that flannel backing must keep you nice and warm on winter nights! You did a wonderful job quilting it. Knowing you, I'm sure you'll have it bound in time for the holiday!

  11. Sometimes we have to work on what we want to rather than what we have to. It looks brilliant and I think taking out the old quilting and going with the new was most definitely the right choice!

  12. Love this Nicky, the quilting looks great - I love flannel quilts, I have a wee collection of flannel waiting for a project.

  13. It's fab! I love to look atHST, but ould never sew that many. Well done :-)

  14. Wow this is beautiful! It even looks warm and cozy from here! This quilted circles really work well with the pattern.

    Are you re-focused? How is your Christmas list coming?

  15. Fabulous project Nicky. It looks so warm and inviting. Love the colours.

  16. MMMmmmm flannel!! I love the bear's paw too, it's so homely looking! (as though I live in the mountains!!) I call those rucks added texture ;)
    The quilting looks fabulous! I have to ask do you think you should get a longarm?


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