Thursday 15 December 2011

In progress!

Not much been happening around here for the last couple of days as I got an early Christmas pressie from the children - a nasty headcold!

Over it now though and desperate to catch up on so many things!

Need to make two girly pressies for teens and have decided to go with bags - always useful for carrying or just containing things I thought!

Only made a start on one so far but should finish it later tonight if my luck is in.  I am using a cute apple print in decorator weight combined with a burgundy corduroy fabric!    Both sides are the same and are lightly quilted round those apples - helps to make it all a bit sturdier...

Here is the fabric for the lining and inner pocket - which goes better than it seems from the photo.  The pocket is quilted in chevrons too for a bit more substance and bound with a contrasting red/white stripe!

And just because I cannot show you a finish today here is my constant companion!  Oops woke her up !

Can you tell??

 The third photo is a bit scary - she was only yawning but my she looks fierce!  Seen a lion yawning on a nature programme - like that but a bit smaller!

Are you ready??

Smelling salts to hand??

Here she is then and don't say I didn't warn you!

Good thing I kept this photo small as I wouldn't want you having nightmares!

Sweet dreams!


  1. Hope Archie doesn't see that last pic!!!

  2. love that apple fabric will make a trendy bag for sure.
    Saffy does look fierce. What lovely dentition!

  3. She really doesn't like being woken up - but then I pull just the same face first thing in the morning! Looking forward to seeing your finished bag! Hope the cold is on its way out! Jxo

  4. Love those kitty pix. And the apples.

  5. LOL, that's kind of how I feel of a morning ;o)

  6. Jeez thats some teeth on her! I had a pic of Ells in a similar pose and she just looked silly... Lovely to see you've got a sewing companion :-)

  7. Ha ha! She was obviously annoyed you woke her up!

  8. Love the apples and corduroy is my favourite fabric - I could just stroke it all day!! weird, yes! I also love the writing on the pictures - it's as though it's totally shocking that you're making a bag!! Saffy is adorable but that last picture is terrifying!

  9. I'm glad you're feeling better! Your cat certainly doesn't look happy about being woken up!

  10. Flipping 'eck, now that's a set of teeth! She looks like she's about to take a chunk out of you for waking her up!! Glad Archie's upstairs, he'd either be scared or try to enter a 'my teeth are bigger than your teeth' competition!


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