Wednesday 4 January 2012

Christmas all bagged up!

Maybe you are thinking of this!?  Have you cleaned up after all the present unwrapping that has been going on?  Have you taken down your decorations?

But I was thinking of this actually .....the last two Christmas bags or pouches I had partly made....  Two star blocks here in Christmas fabric with a lot of hand quilting which is nice enough - ooh you can tell I made these a while ago by the dark colours!

Now the other side with the nativity scene had not been even started  - so how to marry the traditional Christmas colours with something a bit brighter...well put both styles of fabric in and hope for the best of course.

What do you think!?

The angel one has a bit of a wonky log cabin round it - think she has been celebrating a bit too much...

And the Magi has a rail fence border suggested by the print....think this one has worked out better...

Both are bound so no nasty raw edge seam inside as each has a Christmas fabric interior - slightly marrred by the seams at the zip - may have to think of a way over that little problem....mmmm!

Very useful for holding some of the many scraps I have and it looks pretty too!

Anyway the bags are done for now though I still have more of this printed nativity scene fabric so I could carry on a bit longer....or leave it till about this time next year no doubt!

Happy New Year everyone!  Looking forward to 2012 are you?


  1. Oh I thought these were cushions - could you construct in the same as a zippy bag which would then conceal the zippy raw bits?

  2. I think the angel is super cute - even in her boozed-up state.

  3. You have just given me a fantastic idea - we were given some cushion covers for Christmas, so not nice, but I can use then to store some of the Christmas paraphernalia when I pack it up on Friday!

  4. Yay for finally conquering Christmas!

  5. My tree and decorations are still up!! Love the idea of the cushion bags - two uses in one handy item!

  6. Happy New Year SS. Here is to a great year of sewing and more fabulous ideas.

  7. Great cushions! We have taken all decorations down and everyone is back at school!!! Onward!!! Happy New Year, Nicky!

  8. I have never decorated my house for Christmas right down to the cushions. I feel you have given me new heights to reach for. Himself wouldn't know what to do though!

  9. Oh my word these are SUCH a clever idea - definitely one to remember for next year

  10. Hi Nicky! Gradually reading thru yr posts...not commenting on all BUT this deserved comment!! I love them....clever idea and prompted me to ask how you finish the they show a raw zip inside...if not - could you not use that technique for these?

    Love the idea of hiding stash....yes, come on girls we all do it....but hiding stash in these!! Imagine the insane pleasure of watching him use it as a cushion knowing that it's stashed with creative treasure !!


    Will bring my diary next tuesday Nicky.... you've excited me! xx


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