Friday 9 December 2011

Five zippered pouches and FMQ Friday!

I have sewn five zippered pouches in double quick time as gifts for the youngest to give to her guide leaders when she goes to the local panto tonight and a crafting sleepover, finishing up with Christmas lunch tomorrow!!

Then she has to leave early and go to the cinema to celebrate a friend's birthday and tea!  What a whirl of a social life she has!

The front of the pouches - pieced pieces leftover from other projects!

The back of my pouches and my FMQ efforts for this week!

And a little look inside....

Does anyone recognise this birdy print!?  A recent gift from Jeanette in the Brit Quilt Pillow Fight Swap - it was a perfect match and I've still got some left for me!

I would miss my youngest one tomorrow but I'll be too busy tomorrow meeting Karen Lewis aka Blueberry Park at the We Make London: Christmas Fair at the Battersea Art Centre!  Details are here!

 Yeah -  another meet up with a fellow blogger and what a talented woman  - if you don't know Karen and her work screen printing fabric or paper and making great goodies out of them please check her out! 

I was going to use my precious store of her fabric to make those pouches but am saving them for another project....


  1. Cute pouches, Nicky! Your fmq looks awesome!

  2. Such cute little pouches! The quilting on the back makes them so special. Have fun with your meet-up!

  3. Love the pouches and the FMQ but my favourite parts are the stripy linings!! Have a great time in London and say hello to Karen for me!

  4. The pouches are great. Now I am going to feel guilty when I take the girls to Brownies tonight because I have nothing for the leaders!

  5. Sounds like you're both having lots of social fun!
    How did you fmq such straight lines??! They look great - and from leftovers?!! You are my idol.

  6. Great pouches! I really must have a go at making one!

  7. 5!!!??? Oh I am struggling with 1 a day!!

  8. What a lovely bunch of pressies - I predict some large mosaics at the end of this month!!

  9. Lovely pouches, Nicky! I'm certain the recipients will love them.

    Enjoy your outing tomorrow!

  10. lovely pouches, a thoughtful gift too.
    The quilting is great!
    Have a good day tomorrow..

  11. Just made bunch too this week!

  12. They look great! Did you go for the production line in the end? I can't believe you own some of Karen's fabric, it's yummy, hope you both had a great day! x

  13. Those zippered pouches are gorgeous! Jxo


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