Monday 12 December 2011

Visiting Battersea!

On Saturday I went to Battersea!

Why?  you ask!

No not to see the famous Dog's Home...

Nor the equally famous power station ....

I went to meet up with Karen Lewis of Blueberry Park who had come to London all the way from Leeds for the We Make London Craft Fair.

Here we are together...

Here she is with her delightful stall...

Karen was as lovely as she seems on her blog and her stall looked beautiful all set out with her lovely screen printed items - pouches, wash bags, mirrors, notebooks, pencil rolls and tea towels....did I miss anything??

We chatted - and of course I bought a few little items as stocking fillers...notebooks and a pocket mirror

Would have bought more and will when she screen prints more of her lovely fabrics!  Can't wait! 

I already have some and as soon as I finish up a few Christmas pressie makes I shall get on with thinking of something to showcase her fabrics!

We discovered a mutual love of the Lottie Jansdotter Echo fabric and Karen told me she had previously designed a screen print very similar to the seed head print in the Echo line  - must ask her to send me a photo!

Then of course I had to look around the rest of the stalls - it would have been 
rude not to!  

Here are some of the things I bought!

From this stall Claire Scully at

I bought this card for my wolf loving daughter....

And this print for my tiger loving niece - all the shading is done with patterns, so clever and so detailed

A partridge and a pear for the tree...from

Some fun sticky tape...from

And some cute little button pins for my youngest ..from

On the way back to Clapham Station I took a few photos of the surroundings

Loved those windows

For several years I commuted to London from Surbiton in the south to the centre of London and always went through Clapham Junction Station!  It was interesting to actually get off the platform and see what I had been missing...

Thanks to Karen, the We Make London team and a sunny day - I enjoyed my day out!


  1. Yes Nicky, when window shopping we don't look up and we do miss some fabulous features. Some great inspiration there.

  2. Oh, it looks like you had a lovely day! And got some lovely presents!

  3. What a fun day Nicky! I love all your buys :) The partridge and pear tree are really cute and that tape is fantastic :)

  4. What a fabulous day! Karen's stall looks fabulous and I love the wolf and tiger!

  5. It looks like you had a lovely day! I wish I had known it was on.

  6. lovely buildings and of course the gorgeous things that came home with you. Bonus meeting a bloggy contact!

  7. Looks like you had a fine day out!

  8. Looks like a great day out and what lovely purchases!

  9. We did have a great time didn't we?! It was so lovely to meet you Nicky and thank you for making the effort, but it looks like it was worth it ;-)

  10. What fun! I know Blueberry Park {the blog} how fun for you to meet! Looks like it was a great day. Was the fair in a church? It looks lovely!

  11. Oh, this looks like so much fun, Nicky! Wish I could have joined you. Karen's booth looks lovely.


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