Wednesday 7 December 2011

How I started patchwork and applique....

I went to a patchwork and applique evening class for a term in 1989 in my local town - it was my way of escaping the home for one night and getting some much needed grown up conversation!

I was bitten by the bug and soon bought my first ever patchwork/applique kit and book Quick Country Christmas Quilts by Debbie Mumm  - still available!

The kit turned into this

Close up it looks like this....

See I liked reindeer even back in 1989!

And little snowy log cabins...and even bears!

My first attempt and it is all needle turned applique - no shortcuts till later on!
I was truly proud of myself and completely smitten with my new hobby!          

I made several hangings from the book but these are the first two....

Some pieced soldiers with a bit of hand quilting 

And lots of Santas....

I had found Bondaweb by this time and finished each piece off with button hole stitch.

They were all fun to make and I still like them though my colour palette of choice has lightened and brightened since those days!

Was that all the fabric that was available in those days or was I just following the Debbie Mumm colours - not quite sure!? 

This is the beginning of my getting ready for Christmas ....there are more hangings to come as I kept adding to my collection over the years.  And hangings was all I did for several years till I summoned up the courage to try out a quilt.


  1. What a nice story. I liked getting to know you better through your post. Enjoyed looking at the 1980s Diana inspired clothing and hair too.
    Your wall hangings are still relevant though. Well done.

  2. I spotted DM in the thumbnail!! I will be pulling out my golden oldies for Christmas too soon. I wonder what her current fabric ranges are like?

  3. Love that post, Nikki. You did great work straight from the start and how nice you can get them out and hang them each Christmas season.

  4. lol I have that book too, probably bought in the same year! Lovely hanging :)

  5. I bet you had a jumper like hers too!!

  6. What a cool story! Your applique looks fabulous. And the Christmas wall hangings still work for today!

  7. Great projects - classic Christmas.
    Didn't have a DM book/pattern but Mary Ellen Hopkins.
    Purchased as a set with my first rotary cutter.

  8. what beautiful christmas hangings!
    I still like the colours you have used.
    I love Debbie Mumm's fair isle jumper.

  9. I think those were the only style of fabrics available then! Debbie Mumm rocks! It's lovely to have some memories in all those wallhangings! Jxo

  10. Cute! I think those traditional Christmas hangings are beautiful! I'm also VERY jealous of her amazing jumper :)

  11. LOL, I have that book too, it came out again a few weeks ago, but I still haven't made anything from it

  12. That's some jumper she's wearing...actually, I think it's wearing her! Lovely to see your first projects, they're beautifully stitched!

  13. All the wall hangings are very pretty. I love every detail you put into them..a lot of hard work. Thanks for sharing! :) These put me in a bright, cheery mood.

  14. Nicky! I love all the Christmas wall hangings! When my girls were little a neighbor friend and I would visit a fun quilt shop in our town and look through all the Christmas patterns. We would each choose one and then after we were finished we would swap patterns. The only problem was when a mutual friend visited our homes we had the same exact wall hangings!!! LOL! So fun.


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