Sunday 11 December 2011

Frosty the Snowman.....

Here is another hanging from the Debbie Mumm book - but as this one was created more recently it is in brighter colours as you can see...

and some closeups....

As you have probably noticed this is the quick version of applique - the no-sew version !  Just a quick cut out and iron on job but as a wall hanging I do not think it will suffer too much!  The fun of this one was seeking out all the grey background fabrics - I especially love the trees behind the central snowman!

Then all those little buttons!  Too cute!  And instead of embroidering eyes I used little black seed beads for that 'pieces of coal' look!

Still like this one too! 

More golden oldies to show you but am keeping advent calendars until they have more 'bits' added so you will see the final effect.

Also want to tell you about my day out!   Need some photos of my purchases though - hope to take those tomorrow!


  1. Just hung a few DM things myself today.

  2. how gorgeous! love the pink trimmed cape. Very cute. The backgrounds do look great.
    Can't wait to see your purchases...

  3. Love these snow men - they're so jolly :)

  4. Hi, just popped over from the Retreat Flickr group, nice to meet you :o)

  5. Cute, cute! I can't wait to see the advent calendar! And you to hear about your day out...hmmmm.

  6. I love these and the zippy pouches. Think I do need to get out the D M book ready for *next* Christmas

  7. Love the snowmen and ladies - that one with the pink trimmed cape surely is mine.

  8. How adorable!! I love those heart cheeks :)

  9. Love snowmen and your are very cute ones!


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