Sunday 25 December 2011

My last Christmas makes!

Did I manage to finish all my Christmas making in time??

I left you last saying that I had one bag to make and several pouches!

Well as one friend of mine sometimes reads my blog I can show you all but one make...

Here are the two tote bags ...the stripey one is the one I have just finished and is for an older teen so I hope it is appropriate...

Here are some pouches - one missing until a later date!

The cat pouches are my own design  ....

The blue one was the prototype - and the pink is the improved version!  Both feature a zipper put in on a curve - slighty trickier to do and requiring a little snipping in the seam to allow the curve!   The back is striped in the same fabric as those noses - the blue one has the word 'Miaow' and the pink has 'Purfect' sewn on to them.  Both are lined and contain a little treat!

And here is a pouch for a more grown up teen who is more into gothy stuff I believe!

I found an image on google as my inspiration and put some of Alison's scraps to good purpose here!  The cord I had in my stash already!  This zip was a lot easier to put in!  Haha I wrote the words 'zip' and 'easier' in the same sentence - who'd have thought that a couple of months ago - not me for one!

I am pleased with all and hope they are liked.

My lovely cat Saffy decided to give me an early present.  She brought a toy into the house - it was a little brown, four-legged and long-tailed toy which looked a bit like this....

It is still with us as we have not managed to catch it yet and return it to the outside world where it belongs...we may be sharing our Christmas with our little guest!  Wonder if he gets a stocking too!?

Oh and A Very Merry Christmas to One and All!   Including our surprise guest!

Thanks for sharing, supporting, advising, and just being with me on this little bloggy journey of ours just would not be the same without all of you!


  1. Yay, well done for getting it all done, love the pouches you designed too :o) Hope you have a fab day, and the uninvited guest gets evicted before it gets into the chocolate ;o)

  2. I adore those cats bags! So cute! Merry christmas! Well done getting it all done :) Xxxx

  3. Bravo Nicky!!! Merry Christmas to you and yours!!! Is the itty bitty mouse a city mouse or country mouse?

  4. well done on your finishes and also your fantastic win.
    I hope Saffy didn't invite any other guests to Christmas lunch!
    Merry Christmas!

  5. Happy Christmas SS. Who knows what mischief we will get up to next year. I shall look forward to lots of creativity.

  6. Those pouches are really fun! Hope you had a lovely day yesterday - mouse 'n all! Jxo

  7. I do hope your mini furry friend has been returned to the wild! All your last minute makes are fabulous and how did you get all that done in time? Hope you have enjoyed it all and that you got as many nice things as you gave!!

  8. Love the last of the Christmas makes - I hope everyone liked them? have you still got a house guest? Maybe you could offer him a mince pie for the journey home?!


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