Saturday 17 December 2011

An Apple Bag a Day....

.......keeps the doctor away.

I spent way too much time making this bag but it is lined, quilted and has a quilted pocket inside.  

I need to make another one too!

I am planning a few more makes before Christmas and am wondering if I will get everything done in time!?

But I was not the only one making in the last few days - my eldest wanted a turtle to wear on her head  - bizarre I know, it it has something to do with Hetalia and Spain!??  She set her young sister on the task and she has successfully accomplished the mission I think....?

As you can see!

For some reason she doesn't think it is very good -  is she suffering from the quilters over-critical eye already?  I think so!


  1. The bag looks great! :)

    I think your daughter's idea of putting a turtle on her head is so CUTE and unique ;)

  2. Looking good with the bag missus, good luck with the rest of your list.

    As for the turtle, ours is not to reason why... but it's very cute anyway!

  3. LOL Turtle head is FABULOUS!! Lovely bag too :-)

  4. Nicky! I have been M.I.A. for a couple of days and feel like i have missed so much!!! Your Apple Bag is adorable and soooo roomy! Even more adorable is your daughter - what a cutie! And I love her is a masterpiece :)

  5. Love the turtle - C did a fabulous job! Please pass on my congratulations!

  6. Bag turned out fab! And well done on your winnings from Al! Lucky Duck! Or maybe it's the turtle that's lucky! Jxo

  7. The bag is fantastic - loves those apples! The turtle is brilliant! Great comments on the pcitures ;)

  8. The turtle is fantastic! The bag looks great too. Isn't it lovely when our children want to do what we do, so long as they don't want the sewing machine!

  9. your bag looks super, love the fabric you have matched for the handles.
    Great turtle too. Is this a new trend-to wear a turtle on one's head? The stitched shell is so cute. Well done!

  10. Your daughter did a great job! And she looks adorable modeling it, too! Your apple bag looks excellent as well!

  11. The turtle is brilliant and she is absolutely beautiful!!


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