Monday, 6 June 2011

More Rose Dreams!

I posted about this block here! a couple of days ago.  I had completed 3 blocks during or shortly after the workshop I attended in October 2009!

I am pleased to say I have now doubled my total to six!

Here they are displayed together - not yet stitched together as I am waiting to see how the other blocks will fit in!

I am loving the pattern across the blocks and the dark, medium and light value that is beginning to show with just the two colours. 

What I forgot to tell you before is the white fabric is an old sheet so I am doing a bit of recycling as well.

The quilt pattern is for 36 blocks so I am one sixth of the way there...!  I don't know whether to be happy or sad at this news....???



  1. I do love those blocks now that I can see them all laid out together. Sometimes blocks cannot be appreciated so much until you see them in multiples. I think this quilt will be so lovely.

  2. the blocks look great.
    Be happy you could have 36 to go but you only have 28. Make the glass half full!

  3. You have doubled the amount of blocks you had! That's awesome!!

    I've heard sheets can be hard to quilt through- fyi in case you are going to hand quilt this one.


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