Thursday, 2 June 2011

A Quilt from my past!

I keep showing UFOs on this blog and I am a self-confessed procrastinator but I have finished a few things and I thought it was time I showed you something that just went together without any great problem - or at least none that I can remember.

Quite a time ago perhaps when my youngest was about 4 or 5 (she's 10 now) I made some banners for her birthday party - she was a big fan of Maisy mouse and so they reflected that.

The following year for her birthday I had eventually managed to sew the banners together to make this quilt!  So even then it did take quite a while to finish!

I loved making it - choosing the pictures, the fabric and putting it all together.  The back is made up of fabric that is in the quilt top.  This was all done before they made the printed fabric - oh it would be so easy now!...but not half so much fun.

And now it is waiting for the next Maisy fan in our little family - it may take some time but I'm waiting....actually I'm hoping it does take quite some time but for once I might be ready!



  1. very cute!
    my girls loved the Maisy books!

  2. Fantastic quilt - the applique is so clever!

    Pomona x

  3. that is so gorgeous and much more clever than just using the printed fabric!
    I think revisiting old conquests inspires you to finish new ones.
    the back looks wonderful too.

  4. Nicky! So splendid! Wow, I am speechless (and yet she continues to gush) - so much work and such a labour of love. It is so beautiful, and so beautifully done. MUCH better than using the printed fabric, I agree! Thank you so much for inviting me to see this. It made me smile today!


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