Wednesday 22 June 2011

The flower festival

A local church, St Mary's has a flower festival each year. 

All the town's churches and church organisations are asked to make a flower arrangement inspired by a short piece of biblical text.  For a few years now I have been helping one of the ladies in my church with the arrangement representing the United Reformed Church (that's the one we both attend).  

This year they were celebrating 400 years of the King James version of the Bible and our text was 

And Zadok the priest took an horn of oil out of the 
tabernacle and anointed Solomon.  And they blew the 
trumpet; and all the people said “God save King Solomon”

Yes that is what you get and then you have to use your imagination and interpret the text in the medium of flowers and this is what Kate and I (but mainly Kate) came up with:

The velvet represents the anointed king, the white satin the priesthood.  The trumpet shaped lilies represent the trumpet which was blown.  The flowers - lilies, freesias, lavender and sweet peas are scented to represent the golden anointing oil which is poured out from a ramshorn onto the head of the king.  

But you will have worked that out for yourselves....

Here are a few more arrangements

This is Psalm 23 The Lord is my shepherd... 

This is the burning bush from which God talked to Moses

And this is David slaying Goliath - you can see his sling in the foreground and for the sharp eyed among you there is a pebble hitting Goliath (in orange) between the eyes!

And my husband's favourite which represents the clouds (round glass balls) and fiery column that the Israelites followed through the desert to the promised land

Do you enjoy arranging flowers?  I can appreciate it and support someone else doing it but my own skills are limited. 

Do you get involved in flower festivals too?  Or visit them? 

Until I started helping Kate I did not realise all the thought that went into it before you even get to the flowers bit!  But it is great fun and possibly slightly competitive....



  1. lovely arrangements, so meaningful. I love the church pics.

  2. Taunton has a lovely flower show in the park in August and some of my friends get involved with flower arranging. As for me I am more a plonk them in a vase and add a bit more water when they begin to droop kind of person but I can appreciate the beauty of the displays and the thought processes.


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