Sunday, 12 June 2011

Doubled again - rose dream!

When I picked this project up again I had thought I didn't like this block that much and that was why I had only three blocks finished, but guess what?   I find that now I do! 

No more it is just the 'sitting by the swimming pool' project!  It has also become the 'sitting in the car during music lessons x 2' and the 'evening listening to the Complete Smiley on BBC i-player ' project too!  

Hence the further leap forward: 3 blocks (see here ) became 6 blocks (see here)  and have become 12 blocks completed!  One third finished!  Yes, I said one third!!

I am focusing on the half-full glass, Marina!  Yeay!  

My next target will not be double again - sorry but I don't think I can keep up that pace, the tip of my finger is already tender with all the hand sewing - but instead six more blocks, which will take me half way!  Yipee!  And I have them cut out and ready for stitching...



  1. Lovely quilt Nicky, Stick with it as its going to be a beautiful quilt.

  2. I echo both Sues. You are a workhorse Nicky and so I ask why DID you leave them? ( I already know the answer as it is the same as why I leave my projects unfinished - ha!).


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