Saturday, 4 June 2011

Garden Quilt

Here is another one I did earlier - another quilt from my past.  Now as this was completed some time ago I am completely at sea about the details, apart from the very useful label on the back which tells me that I worked on this quilt from 13 November '08 - 21 January '09. 

I do remember it was another course at my LQS but I cannot remember my teacher.  This was the only course I did with her but I assure you she was very nice indeed.   Her own sample quilt was in taupe and neutral colours, I seem to remember...

Edit:  I have found my paperwork on this workshop, called Simple Applique Flowers, which was with Sylvia Williams in November 2008.


The flowers are bonded on and I have herringbone stitched around each one in embroidery floss in different but complimentary colours. 

 I always used to get so confused with herringbone stitch until this quilt came along.  I always ended up stitching in the opposite direction....and put this down to my left-handedness!  Grrr! 

 I have to admit I am absolutely useless at giving directions - my husband asks me do you mean my left (ie right) or your left when I am the navigator - sorry no satnav or similar with us - maps only and sadly me reading them.  I always have to turn the map around to help me decide which way to go - just cannot do it in my head.

The quilting is very simple, by hand outline round the flowers and squares and two concentric circles on every plain alternate square.  There is a purple border all around and I have stitched my daughter's name on as if it was a slimy trail from this little chap which I drew on and stitched over.   

I think he is a good snail - if there is such a thing - and reminds me very much of Brian from the Magic Roundabout - for those of you old enough to remember - minus the hat and scarf or course! 
Now I feel I ought to say "it's time for bed!"  although it may not be in your case....and certainly isn't in mine!



  1. Boing! ( my best Zebedee impression). Well SS I haven't got this one in my collection of UFO's. It looks lovely and well worth finishing. Have a great weekend.

  2. It looks gorgeous with the sunlight streaming through it lighting it up. Great quilt.

  3. That is a lot of stitching around each flower! It is a very peaceful the little snail :)


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