Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Carried away....!

I am a bit carried away by this quilt so again I am posting about the galaxy quilt.  Yesterday I was trying out some BIG stitching in grey cotton perle thread outlining those stars.  

Although this is quick stitching I have not finished but I can let you have a sneaky peek....

I love this style and speed of stitching and thanks to those who suggested it to me - I am 100% in accord and special thanks to Mary from Molly Flanders for helping me decide on the colour!

Not too long before the big reveal I hope!



  1. If you love it and it gets the result you want then it is the perfect option. It looks mighty fine to me. I will be doing some of that myself very soon.

  2. It looks really great!!
    Is it going to be enough to hold it all together?


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