Monday, 20 June 2011

Quilt labels!

I am not good at labelling my quilts - it is usually an afterthought, with one exception....

The front of this quilt has the name of quilt embroidered on the border using stem stitch - or my attempt at it

Label on back again in stem stitch, directly onto quilt back

I have also stem stitched a label, and blanket stitched it onto the back of my quilt

And finally this is a wallhanging so I used the computer to print onto one of those transfer print films that you iron onto fabric.  But you have to remember to reverse your image otherwise it's like Alice through the Looking Glass!  I know I've done it!  Not sure I'd try this on a quilt that needs more washing...


I just wondered what other people did?  Do you have a special way of labelling your quilts?

Any tutorials you know of with easy, and quick, or exciting and beautiful ways to label a quilt?  

To be honest as I have finished very few quilts I haven't needed to make many labels but it is something I'd like to explore.

This is a post where I am looking to you for help and feel free to use the ideas that come up.  If I get enough ideas I may post about it or make a permanent page dedicated to the art of labelling.

So over to you out there.  Please give me your thoughts....



  1. Labels were low on my priority list until recently too. Sometimes they can be a fun reflection of the front of the quilt. I don't usually put too much detailed writing on them. I like the concept of appliqueing the year on the front in the design somewhere. Just some random thoughts on the subject.

  2. Hi Nicky, I am very good at telling people to label their quilts but not so good at doing it myself. I have used the computer to do labels but do wonder how long they would last in the wash department. Usually I use a pigma pen and record the details onto another piece of fabric and sew it on. It is usually a rush job for a quilt show and done with not much enthusiasm. Saying that, I bought a book of trasfers for quilt labels and have used that occasionally and coloured in with pigma pens and that appealed to me.

  3. My labels are not elegant. I generally sign my name, quilt name (if it has one), date, city and who it is for.(If it is for anyone)
    I sometimes try and copy something fancy or a scroll to make it not so boring.
    I like yours a lot!!

  4. I don't believe a quilt has ever left my house without a label, but a few of my own still need one. That's on my to-do list for this summer.

    All my labeling necessities are in one box, so I don't have an excuse to put it off. I buy acid-free, waterproof, 0.8mm pens from Staples. I like that bolder line for writing. I have Pigma pens too, but they have finer points.
    I buy panels of preprinted labels whenever I find them, and Thimbleberries are some of my favorites. They're colorful with pretty designs, and I just have to iron a piece of freezer paper onto the back for stability, and I add my name, date, quilt name, etc.
    I encourage my friends to even add labels to quilts they buy or inherit, including any info they have. Something is better than nothing.


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