Thursday 23 June 2011

Farmer's Wife post 3

Here I am in my third post on the Farmer's Wife, trying to catch up a bit,
and still having fun combining florals and stripes/plaids for my funky, country look.

Block no 15 Buzzard's roost

Block no 3 Basket 

My six blocks so far

Need to do less pink I feel...  Oh well plenty more to go!



  1. ohhhh....I love your blocks! The Buzzards Roost is very nice {I have never heard of this block} and of course the basket is so sweet! Do you know how many blocks you will be doing? They are looking great!

  2. Now come on SS you can never have too much pink. It will all work out beautifully, just keep on adding and it will balance out.

  3. they look really great all together. the fabrics blend well.


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