Friday, 3 June 2011

I love scrap quilts!

It's true, but it also happens to be the name of a course I attended in October 2009 at my LQs, this time with Margaret Hughes.

This is a handsewn block worked in two colours.  I have kept to blue and white for my blocks although I think Margaret's blocks were different pastel colours.

I have only completed three blocks but have enjoyed learning the technique of sewing curves. I started making these blocks while waiting for the children to do a swimming class or some such thing.  They do less classes now so I don't take this with me enough, obviously - probably distracted by the two other hand pieced quilts I have now got to the quilting stage.

I have cut out lots of blocks which I haven't succeeded in sewing yet.  It might be quicker if I changed to sewing on the machine but I'm not sure about those curves???

Imagine my surprise when leafing through the Jan Halgrimson book I posted about recently and I saw this:

So now I know the name of the block - Rose Dream - or at least one name...!

As this is my last hand stitching quilt in progress I should really push on with it and get all those pieces I carefully cut out stitched together.



  1. I feel I have stepped into a parallel universe, either that or we are secret sisters. I too have that project zipped away in a bag somewhere, mine are peaches and cream and I probably have done the same amount. Ok, what else have we got stashed away that is the same?

  2. What a lovely scrap quilt! It is so sweet and the fabrics are precious. I love the design - it sort of reminds me of the Flowering Snowball. Really lovely!

  3. This is going to make a beautiful quilt. I love scap quilts to.


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