Friday, 17 June 2011

Another little package through the letterbox...

Yesterday this is what came through my letterbox

Can you guess why I needed these lovely colours?  Where are they for?

No I'm not going to show you today but soon I hope...soon!

Are you like me?  If you see a whole lot of colours on-line but you don't know which one to get as you cannot match the colours to what you are working with - do you just order the lot?  

Couldn't resist it!  But then I like collecting things so cotton perle thread is my new collection.  

If you use cotton perle thread for quilting, which is your favourite colour?



  1. Those threads just shimmer and shine, don't they? What make are they? I don't have a favourite but I am rapidly falling in love with quilting with perle cotton. So much easier and quicker!

  2. What a lovely little package. And yes, I am like you as I tend to order just the whole lot of colors if I'm struggling with my selections. I have never regretted ordering too much but I often regret not ordering enough! Look forward to seeing what you make with these.


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