Saturday 29 June 2013

Quilts need quilting!

As FQ Retreat approaches here is one project I am keen to finish off!  It is also on my FAL list for this second quarter and if I finish it, it will save me the embarrassment of only finishing one project so far!

It is the Scrappy Trip quilt for Siblings Together that the Bee a Brit Stingy bee has contributed to!

I have received donated blocks from lots of fellow bee members and the border and backing fabric and blocks from the lovely Helen.

All I needed to do was collect them, lay them out, stitch them and add a few blocks myself, a border and hey presto one quilt ready to layer, baste and quilt!

So without further ado - tada!  Whatcha think bee mates?

Love how that beautiful blue Oakshott goes so well with the Scrappy Trip blocks - the perfect choice Helen!   This is so pretty I may have to make my own and all thanks to Bonnie Hunter and her wonderful tutorial, and Katy Jones who flaunted it right across blogland!  And she may still even be doing so!

Now this is not the only quilt top I have ready and waiting - there are two more on my FAL list 

This one

And this one - I should be finishing this one off for my soon-to-be-13 daughter as it's her birthday next week!

And then this one needs a bit of attention too

It is another group project which I'll be showing off on Sunday to the newbie quilters group in my church who helped put this beauty together!   It looks even better than I'd hoped!  We will be auctioning it off as part of our 200 year celebration!

And then the charmers quilt could easily be added to the pile....with a little bit of effort.

Guess I'll be quilting for a while then.....


  1. The bee quilt looks fabulous!! Sorry I didn't join in, I was a bit consumed with baby I think!
    The heart is fantastic and the friendship's garden is beautiful, I can't wait to see them all quilted :)

  2. Everything Lucy said! A wonderful collection of quilts in their various stages!

    I love your header photo, btw :)

  3. What a lot of gorgeous quilt tops - but wow, you are going to be busy!

  4. Good lord, you have a lot to do! Get the birthday quilt done. I love them all but that is a priority.

  5. You are going to be tied to that sewing machine for a while then, Nicky! Lots of lovely quilts in the offing though.

  6. I know how you feel! I've 6 quilts needing quilting! Love the scrappy TAW quilt. Turned out fab! Jxo

  7. what a beautiful collections of tops to quilt, glad to see my favourite has resurfaced.
    love your new header it looks gorgeous!

  8. Lovely projects again Nicky!

  9. Your Siblings Together quilt looks great! I still have to baste and quilt mine too.
    I've been really bad and haven't got a single project off my FAL finished. I assume all those projects will end up on next quarter's list.

  10. lovely, all of them, but i especially love the scrappy trip

  11. Oh Nicky, well done with the ST quilt, you have done an amazing job-thank you for getting it all organised. Love your other quilts too

  12. Wow, I see what you mean about your 'needs quilting' list - it's almost as long as Jude's! I love the ST quilt - it's turned out so well and am really pleased with how the blue Oakshott works as a border. What's your order? Heart, Jacob, ST, Garden? Good luck!

  13. Wow…the ST quilt looks stunning. Well done you in getting it all together and making it look so good. Thank you for doing it for your bee mates. I reckon that quilting list is going to keep you busy day and night if you have tight deadlines! May I suggest foot to the floor???? Di x

  14. Bloody hell woman!!! It's been all action with you!

  15. Love that heart.
    Hard to believe that Scrappy Trip was made by lots of different Bees!
    Keep at it!!

  16. You'll get lots of FMQ practise then ;) I like the quilting as much, if not more than the piecing!


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