Monday 17 June 2013

Lucky me!

Yes it must be time for a gloat as I reveal some lovely things that have dropped through my letter box

First is a gorgeous package of rainbow charms!  Now I know some things to do with them, I love charms and find I'm more likely to use them than yardage!

Huge thank you to the lovely Cindy for organising the FSQ Rainbow Charm Swap!   She cut up loads of fabric herself - including mine!  - any that was purchased from her shop!

Look at the loveliness and I have already used a few in moving that Jacob's ladder project on!

Next up is a sweet extra block from a sweet lady  - I got this block ages ago but haven't shown it here !   Sorry May !  

 Moomin is back with his mama!  And will be joining her on my international bookshelf hanging that I intend to make - just waiting on a couple more blocks I think?? 

I love these blocks and my moomin tote May made me in the MS2 swap!

May has done an excellent job of portraying all the Moomin characters!   Just love those oh so innocent wide eyes!

Next up I just have to tell you that I have received my nametag!  It is gorgeous !  The lovely Nikki made it for me and didn't she stalk me brilliantly (haha - how appropriate!) - you can also find her here.

 I love those umbellifers and the beads, the linen and the printing!   

I am so looking forward to learning to make some eraser stamps with Tacha at FQ Retreat and do a bit of printing myself.   I have done some lino cut printing on paper but never tried it on fabric - should have done I guess.

But in the meantime I can look at my lovely tag and if I am as gaga as I was last year forgetting my blog name I will have this beautiful reminder!   Or you can read it yourself ....

I will also be wearing my tag from Terri with my name on it!  I'm sure my star will go very well with these flowers!

And that is not all!  No indeedy!  After swooning over a particular little coin purse that Nikki made as an FQ Swap sample - I got one of those too!

Now I must go back to gloating a bit more - it needs to be done!


  1. you have undone the ribbon .. and used some of your charms!! I just keep looking at the moment!! xx lol I just cant bring my self to undo them...YET xx

  2. So glad your charms are there and you're happy! So loving both of your name tags. They're super!

  3. Lovely gains there! well done your stalker too!

  4. I love your rainbow charm pack and am impressed that you're already using some of them! The block from May is wonderful, as is the wee purse. Your name tag is absolutely perfect!!!

  5. Love the name tag and arn't those charms gorgeous

  6. Gloat indeed!! The name tag is perfect!!

  7. No chance of forgetting yourself now with all that bling around your neck! Jxo

  8. Wow, what lovely goodies! Thank you for unpacking your charms, mine are still wrapped, so it was lovely yo see them all while I still have a perfect rainbow stack

  9. That is being spoilt. What is your name again? Di x

  10. I am pretty sure I had put a dibs in on that purse, but nice haul!!

  11. Lovely round up there, although I think the Moomins are my favourite :o)


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