Monday 10 June 2013

They are out there....!!

Is it just me or do you start thinking space invaders...??

Ages ago - way back in October 2012 I think I discovered that Lucy and I were doing the same sized EPP Rose Star blocks - all Clare's fault!  

I suggested swapping a block and shortly thereafter a lovely then pregnant lady sent a gorgeous block to me!

I have only now got around to piecing one in return - I am a bad swapper!!

So as I hang my head in shame I thought I should at least offer some space invaders in recompense for the long wait.

Fortunately Lucy has had the gorgeous Lois to distract her and may not even have noticed my shameful behaviour ....???  

Or she is too busy tickling toes and the like to progress much and I can give her a little boost to the task of getting her Rose Star quilt finished!

Anyway here is the Rose Star block I have made Lucy....what??? It is about to be attacked by space invaders!!!!

Or maybe they are just returning to the mother ship....Who knew!??


  1. Archie thinks they look like dogs wearing cravats...

    Gorgeous RS block and 'docking stations' - I'm sure Lucy will love it!

  2. haha, what did you drink? they match perfectly :D

  3. Dum dum dum dum da dum dum da dum, dum dum dum dum da dum dum da dum...

    Says Star Wars to me ;o)

  4. Yes folks- she has officially "lost it"!!!!

  5. I'm afraid all I can see are little pigs faces (minus the faces!!). Jxo

  6. I see pig faces too! Di x

  7. i see an amazing amount of work ( plus, yes, space invaders and star wars xwing. fighters!

  8. Great block..looks like the force was with you.x

  9. Aliens! Are you the new Doctor come back in female form. About time too. Fabulous block SS.


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