Thursday, 13 June 2013

Charmed I'm sure!

In April I was Queen Bee in my Scrappy ?  Sew Bee It! bee and I chose this block for everyone to make. 

I even wrote a tutorial

It was quick and easy and I wanted fun bright, high contrast, low contrast blocks and my bee mates haven't disappointed I have to say!

I have received such lovely blocks and enjoyed making quite a few myself!

So yesterday I got around to stitching most of them together!  

I have at least one more row to make and waiting on a few last ones to arrive with a few in hand that I haven't yet stitched - if you were wondering where yours were??

I love this quilt - it is so colourful!  And I love the wonderful people who have sent me their part of it!  So thank you Jess, Lucy, May, Sana , Jeanne, Deborah, Annika, Janine, Jodi, Lisa, Carla  and Helen.  And I know Debra's are on their way!

My quilt top is so nearly finished!  How exciting is that??


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