Wednesday 26 June 2013

Mr Not-so-Grim arrives in his new home!

Joining in with the nametag swap for Fat Quarterly Retreat is I think a great way to try out something new and to get to know one person at Retreat a little bit better!

Serious stalking is required - usually!   Unless you already know your partner ... as I did this year!  I was slighty freaking out at the mega awesomeness of this person!

I didn't go down the skull path without some thought or inkling that Her Awesomeness would like it!

After all not everyone wants to wake up looking at this - nicknamed Mr Grim

Nor even this!  Nicknamed Mr Not-so-Grim!

And for this special partner that is something she might be doing quite frequently - it is all in the blog name! 

For the back I thought a sombre tombstone look seemed appropriate!

I am relieved to tell you that she does seem to like it and it has arrived safely up North!  Well done all of you who guessed correctly where this was headed!


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