Sunday 9 June 2013

A marvellous mini!

Not this 

Nor this

But this

My lovely Artist Trading card which arrived yesterday from Nati.   Nati is from Argentina but living in Luxembourg!  She is one crafty lady and takes beautiful photos for her blog - go have a look!

Back to the ATC this is Nati's artistic take on the japanese art of Sashiko!

Her stitching is tiny - I mean elf like!  But I don't think she is one!

Thank you so much Nati - I appreciate all the tiny stitches in this "Doodle Stitchery".  I'd have a go at this on the machine but doing it by hand?  I think I'll be leaving that to you!

Thanks also of course to Ali our verryberryhandmade swap mama!  If you fancy joining in next round - I would recommend it! - then keep an eye open.

And talk about joining in I made these for the Zakka along using the lovely Ayumi's book Patchwork Please ....

Hey you must have heard about this - unless you were asleep under a rock?  

Ok you were, but wake up and have a look here to see how some very clever people have used this pattern - so quick, so easy - thank you Ayumi you have not disappointed!

I was going to combine these with a few felt pages into a needlebook but you know what?   I am rather taken with them as they are!


  1. Lucky you! The stitching is gorgeous! I love it

  2. it's gorgeous!! (and you remind me that I must blog mine!)

  3. Fabulous mini and the peppers look amazing!!

  4. Great mini, and I love your idea of using that pattern as a needle book. You can have those ones as is and make two more for your idea.

  5. Great stitchy doodles :o) I'm skipping the peppers as I have no need for coasters right now, but I really should check what's coming next...

  6. I love that ATC! The peppers look great, too!

  7. That little card is so cute - I dream of making small, even stitches like that myself one day!!!!! And I love your coasters - so pretty!

  8. Fabulous wee mini! And yes, I'm still sleeping u der that rock, resisting buying another book! Unless I really really need it? Lovely pair of peppers though :)

  9. Lovely set of peppers there missus! Jxo

  10. Sashiko is something I really want to try - I love your card! Cute peppers too...if I were under a rock I still don't think I could avoid the sewalong ;)

  11. Beautiful mini card. Nice set of peppers too. Di x

  12. yummy. peppers (!) and a lovely.little atc, lucky you

  13. What a lovely card Nati sent you, I am enjoying seeing all of these tiny cards popping up on blogs.


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