Wednesday 19 June 2013

Goody, goody!

As I work on finishing my partner's nametag I have received even more goodies through the post!

These Text charms have arrived from the swap I was in run by May - she is already planning another - a map layer cake swap this time!   If I were clever I would buy fabric and cut it up and hand it to her at FQR as she is coming over to London from Germany!

Anyway time for a quick gloat again!

And in addition I received these gorgeous star blocks from Julie

She loves a strip pieced quilt does Julie and she is a hard working nurse to boot!  She manages to work and churn out the most amazing quilts - I don't know how she does it??

I think I mentioned that I needed to make an orange quilt at some point and she sent these to me to start me off!  Thank you so much Julie!  My mind is ticking over with ideas already of all the different directions this could take!

I do love to plan something new!  

Now for some stitching...based upon the bell pepper coaster idea that we were all doing the other week as part of the new Zakka along I just had to play with some scraps and make another shape - an apple this time!

This one went off in a package to Jodi with her bee block - it could be a coaster, or somewhere to stick pins, needles in while sewing or ....what else could you use it for?

The front

The back

Anyway Jodi started me off as she has a thing about apples....but here are a few more I made.

The fronts

The backs

Why?  Because I can!


  1. Very fruity post!

    Keeping my fingers crossed my texty charm squares arrive soon too.

  2. love the apples, and you had better hide those texty charms in case I come steal them in the middle of the night!

  3. I am still waiting for my charms to arrive! I am sure they will be here soon.

  4. Love the text charms and the fruity makes. Di x

  5. Look at you! How cool that Julie just sent over orange blocks. That's really super of her :)

  6. Gorgeous charms and orange blocks! The apples are lovely!
    P.S. 'I do love to plan something new!' *bang*
    P.P.S. So do I ;o)

  7. Oh mine did not arrive till now!!!! I so hope they arrive save! Gorgeous apples

  8. Wonderful text charms! And I like all those apples. I prefer them to the peppers :)

  9. The apple coasters would make great teacher pressies! Jxo

  10. love the scrapped apples! and again opening the charm pack so i can see all my contents!! have you paid May for the postage yet? i haven't seen payment instructions

  11. More fab happy mail both in and out. The map swap sounds fab too


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