Sunday, 16 June 2013

The new bee!

I may have mentioned that I've joined a new bee!  

You all thought me mad, Helen banged her head on the table but it is a good one and I hope you will agree - one I could not resist joining!

It is slightly different from all my other bee experience as it is not a stash bee.   I will need to cut and send out fabric to my bee mates - which is scaring me already!    I also have to choose fabric for everyone - not done that before either!

So before I freak out - I'm not Queen bee till the end so lots of worry time left - here is the first block for my June Queen bee Lynne!

We are using fabric from Moda, and other sponsors are donating fabric for the backing.  Here is the list of fantastic and generous sponsors




And best of all we are not strictly making quilts for each other - instead we are making them for the charity Siblings Together.

The charity runs holidays for children in care who, through no fault of their own, are living with a different family, separated from brothers and sisters.  

They get to spend a holiday with their siblings courtesy of this great charity and as a reminder they get to take a quilt home!

I think that is a great result!  I am so pleased to be supporting it in my small way!


  1. We must have had the same idea - just about to blog about my block too! It looks fab Nicky - can't wait to see the finished top - it's going to be amazing!

  2. now that is indeed a good bee!

  3. it is good to be pushed out of your comfort zone .. and in this case for a good cause xx

  4. Lovely Nicky, it's great to have the first one done, isn't it.

  5. It's all in a good cause and you're playing with some fab fellow bee's so that makes you slightly less mad for joining another bee!

  6. It's a lovely block and a wonderful cause - well worth a bump on my forehead!

  7. Brilliant blocks for a brilliant cause! Jxo

  8. What a great bee to bee a part of :) Have a wonderful time!

  9. Lovely block, and a really good cause

  10. I'm surprised Helen didn't pop round to bang YOUR head on the desk ;o) Great job for a great cause though


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