Monday 1 July 2013

My June in fabric

What did I get done in June?

Well some bee blocks of course!   

Two Rocky Mountain Puzzle blocks for Susan, a four star block for Lynne, a rose star for Lucy, 2 Scrappy Trip blocks for Collette, an apple and a leaf block for Jodi, and more apples just for fun!

Some beautiful things came my way - yippy yay!  Thank you May, Cindy, Nikki, Nati, Nikki again and Julie!

And then there were quilt tops made with help from friends for good causes - my Stingy Bee Mates for Siblings Together and my fabulous mainly first time patchworking ladies in our church.  Plus a couple of little things - a new purse and a FQR nametag for a special lady!

And then there was this quilt!  

Which drove me slightly mad and challenged me at every turn but I did get there in the end.   I made this as part of the Made in Oakshott challenge courtesy of Lynne and Michael Oakshott!  Many thanks to them both!

The photos are taken in the garden.  On one of those rare sunny days!

Linking up with Lynne and all those other fabricators over at Fresh Sewing Day

Lily's Quilts


  1. was there much sleeping going on in June?
    lol x

  2. Not much then.... ;-) Love the Oakshott quilt!

  3. wow!!! I love my bee blocks and I love the Stingy ST quilt it looks amazing and your Oakshott quilt!!!!!!! amazing! xx

  4. Blimey, you don't half squeeze a lot in and it's all wonderful!

  5. For Heaven's Sake! Geesh! Do you even sit down...I just imagine you sewing while you are also doing other things around the house. I LOVE that Oakshott quilt. You should be very proud!

  6. Nice work! The oakshotts quilt deserves a much prettier name!

  7. Wow, you have been so busy Nicky. Love them all

  8. Great inbound and outbound there, and why don't I have a garden like that to take photos in?!


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