Friday, 14 June 2013

200 years!

Our church is celebrating 200 years!  200 years of worship in the town of Horsham.  

Part of the celebration will be a couple of artistic exhibitions.  

The first is a textile exhibit called Gethsemane Garments created by Peter Privett, and they represent pain, suffering, renewal and hope.  Some photos seem to indicate they are made of a patchwork of different materials.

The second exhibit is a series of terracotta heads made by Jean Parker as a reflection of her own experience of cancer.   The heads represent different emotions.

I'll share some photos when the exhibits arrive in July!

My involvement in the week of celebration is at the beginning when we will be hosting a craft morning.  My part will be teaching people to do patchwork.  Eek!

It is all very well doing it but teaching it is a very different matter.

To prepare myself I decided I would start by teaching the ladies and one gent at church and we are aiming to make a quilt using the Jacob's Ladder block!  

I chose this block because I like it - it makes a great quilt!  

But also as a teaching project I thought it covered three elements - a plain square, a four patch and a half square triangle - which we all know can be used in so many different ways.  Our blocks are finishing at 12" so it is coming together quickly.

Anyway the ladies are skilled in other fields of stitching but not many in patchwork.  It is funny how talented dress makers think patchwork is going to be too difficult for them!  How did they get that idea??

They have been beavering away wanting extra homework and so we have got nine blocks completed already and other pieces are being stitched as sub units!   

And this is how it looks at the moment....I have been putting the blocks together and shh!  don't tell, getting things round the wrong way - so easy to do with this one but the pattern doesn't work if you do!  Grrr!

Love all the lines on the diagonal of this very traditional block with a biblical name and a very dramatic feel.

Hoping it is going to look gorgeous and lure more people into the world of patchwork....?  

We will be donating the quilt to charity - there is a group helping the local homeless based at our church so I am thinking of gifting it there - to give to someone or raise funds!


  1. Fantastic work Nicky and I know you'll be a great teacher!

  2. that's going to be lovely! I bet you are a fab teacher!

  3. Excellent - hope you are going to sport a Professor McGonagall look!

  4. I can't wait to see more of these blocks! I bet you're a great teacher, even if you can't turn yourself into a cat...

  5. Brilliant idea! I know you'll make a great teacher! Jxo

  6. Well done Nicky..sounds like a great project.

  7. Well done, luring more to the dark side!!!!! Our church dates from 1167!

  8. I'm glad you clarified it was just worshipping in Horsham, I was sure yer man had been gone rather longer than that ;o) Looks like a great project though!


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