Friday, 20 January 2012

Wonky in the woods and with garden!

I now have six wonky house blocks done - half way! - for the Wonky House Block Swap.  Yeah!! 

They seem to take me a loooong time to do.....and I'm not sure why that is!?

I may do a few applique ones as they seem quickest but I am challenging myself in this swap and most have been done with paper or foundation piecing.

Perhaps that is why I am struggling and putting it off??  Never been a great friend of this technique and this year I do want to get over that...I shall persevere!

This one though I was liberated in doing ....

No pattern was used in the making of this block I just pieced bits together.  This suited me as I am trying to use up scraps though my little scraps take a while to piece together.  Mmmm just looking at this photo online - that owl??  Should he stay or should he go???

This one was back to paper piecing - with an added challenge - a few gentle curves.  I also decided to add in a bit of applique with my flowering hedge. 

No fussy cut animals were harmed in the making of this block as I thought there might be some sane members of my group who would prefer just to have a wonky house...?   

Oh I might go back and add something in ....I have to confess I have added a few bits to one other!

I will be relieved when I am finished with these - not because I have not enjoyed them - far from it - I am just conscious of the deadline sneaking up on me and I don't want to be late...I also have some siggy blocks to do and have never done those before!


  1. That is a gorgeous wonky village. Who woold remove the owl?

  2. He should stay!! I love these blocks and think that the reason they're taking so long to make is because each one is different and you're taking time to choose fabrics and fussy cut, etc. You've got ages until the deadline...what are you doing for the siggy blocks?

  3. Here's a great tute for siggys:

    Wonky houses are fab! Jxo

  4. How many swaps, QAL's and BEES are you in!!!!

  5. Wow, they're lookin fab Nicky!

  6. just love them!
    I love the hedge and I would keep the owl. Just wonderful.

  7. They're great! I like the first block owl for Hadley and little sheep for me :)
    It's great that you're taking the chance to challenge yourself. Keep it up!

  8. Like Cinders said!!
    You seem to have got progressively drunk as the houses have been built!

  9. Heh, loving all the wonk, crazy animals aside ;o)

  10. Brilliant - I love the improv wonky! The owl should stay and I think a creature should jump out from that pretty hedge!!

  11. Wow! They're so cute! I can see why they took you a while to make!


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