Monday 23 January 2012

A Dala pouch from Emily!

Way back in my first swap organised by Cindy at Fluffy Sheep Quilting I was paired with Emily Levey at Strawberry patch, or rather she had me!     She made me a lovely mugrug (with my initial on it and no I haven't actually used it but usually pin it up on my design board) , a cute little needlebook and a wee pincushion.

Here they are (oh and the chocolate is long gone!)

Well I cheekily asked Emily to make me a matching pouch and she did!

Look at this!

She knew I love Dala Horses and I cannot think she could have made it better for me....

Here is the back...

It is gorgeous....and they go together so well don't you think?

Not only that but she sent these as well...

Some pretty jewellry and some lovely fabric scraps...

Did I strike lucky - absolutely!  

I am making a small contribution to her 'going to FQ Retreat fund' after her poorly dog 'ate' up her funds with vet bills.  If you can help out too she may be willing to take a commission from you too...?  Why don't you ask her...?


  1. How nice! You are a lucky duck!

  2. Lucky you, Nicky!! It is very sweet-- enjoy!

  3. Cheeky - lovely idea to help Emily x

  4. Perfect pouch! If you don't ask, you don't get! Jxo

  5. they're gorgeous nicky and I love the postage stamps such a cute touch :)

  6. Not cheeky, lovely of you to commission something from Emily to help her out. And what she made is absolutely perfect for you!

  7. they are all just too gorgeous!

  8. Love it! I hope she raises enough money to get to the retreat! (And that her dog is ok!)

  9. Aww! What a gem Emily is :) Aren't you a lucky girl?

  10. Gorgeous!! A bit of cheek can get you lovelies!! :)


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