Saturday 14 January 2012

The Happy Band of...

Mouthy Stitchers!

Yes I have joined in with that gabby lot!

Here is my inspiration mosaic which as pointed out on Flickr features a lot of stitching....

This is a swap organised by Hadley, Susan and Cindy all great gals and funny with it!  The aim is to make a zipped pouch for one lucky partner and send a Fat Quarter's worth of scraps too!  Nothing more, nothing less for a no stress happy swap!

Hadley thinks I am bonkers and it could well be true but let me attempt to explain my choices before you all agree!

First of all I was looking for pictures that hadn't come up before and quite frankly with 90 odd participants signing up in about two days and some posting mosaics with 25 photos I think it is quite an achievement to have found 15 that hadn't shown up before.

Secondly it is actually true I am a bit bonkers and love a great variety of things   - from cutey things like raccoons, cute kitties ( thanks to Mary @ Molly Flanders)  & shoes to more subtle loveliness of beautiful stitchery on linen and more loveliness from Mary in her brilliant yellow courthouse steps !

Plus I love all those things I pointed out on other people's mosaics so I hope that gives lots of choice for my partner to pick from!?  Phew it has been a busy few days commenting on nearly everyone's mosaic!  But that is also what this swap is about - supporting, commenting, encouraging and with mentions of whips in the back of my head, I am sure going to try and be as mouthy as I can!

Colour wise it seems I like bright combined with linen and contrasting stitching!  I can see that now I have done the mosaic....who knew?


  1. Fun and quirky - just like you! Jxo

  2. The mosaic is very 'you' - I can't wait to see what your partner makes for you!!

  3. A real mix in your mosaic but lovely things!

  4. I'm sticking with Bonkers, in a good way!

  5. can pick a few that I like too in your mosaic.
    Get to it, can't wait to see your finished goodies!

  6. Oh, oh those court house steps, I need to make one of those!

  7. love your mosaic, there's a lot to live up to in that! x

  8. I'm just happy you're in the swap!


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