Wednesday 25 January 2012

Last of the wild wonky houses.... for a while!

Will Hadley say I have really lost it now?  Will Judith take all my bottles away?

You may find these slightly less wild or you may not but these are the last wonky house blocks I am making for now....

One windswept house!

I did a windmill as there are a few on top of the South Downs just a bit away from us.  

A quilter lives in this little house as you can see by the quilts hanging to dry on the washing line - and yes they do hang free from the block for a bit of 3D effect!

This gives me a total of 11 - the number I need to send off to the US!

I couldn't decide which one I should keep, so instead of making 12 and dithering about which one to choose, I will send them all away and see what I get in return.  Then I figured I could make a block to fit in with them.

Onto the siggy blocks then - 11 of them to make!

After wondering what pen I should use I tried out a few of the ones I have in the house - I ironed the writing then washed and ironed the writing again and the clear winner is the Sharpie pen!   

But as I thought it was a bit thick and a bit green - well quite a lot green .....and because I don't want to leave my car unlocked in town to get one I like better, I have decided to go a different way...

Here is my prototype block and it cannot wash away as it is free motion stitched.  Quite a bit of concentration to get all that first line in but I reckon that after 11 my FM writing should be greatly improved!  Worth it just for that!

Then I altered one of the earlier houses a spool house block with scissors - I cut out the handles and added a door and a window!

Hoping it looks better!

Finally here is a mosaic of all the wonky houses...

Better get on with those siggy blocks so they can be flown across the pond!

PS I forgot to wish you all a Happy Burn's Night!  Hope you had some haggis and whisky!  I'll be having mine at the weekend!


  1. You have been sooo busy - that seems like a heavy duty bee to be in?

  2. Happy Burns Night. Enjoy the wee dram or two.

    Have you tried Micron Pigma pens. They work very well and are quite fine and come in a range of colours and will stay put. The FMQ labels look great.

  3. what lovely houses !! great work and your siggy block is fab !!got to try that.

  4. your houses look wonderful!!
    I love the windmill block and your adjustments to the spool block.
    Have fun making siggy blocks.

  5. Love them all but the lighthouse is my favourite. Such a lot of work in all those blocks!

  6. That is one drunk village! Love them! Jxo

  7. wow - love the windswept ! looks like you had fun for the last few as well - and I'm impressed with the free motion siggy and can't wait to get one of those ! of course you're not going to get one from me like that - I can't free motion on my old elna !! but thanks for doing the testing - I'll use the sharpie if its not too thick :)

  8. love your mosaic and love the windmill especially! so cute. Happy Burns night to you too xxx

  9. Love the new blocks and I'm glad the Matryoshka dolls have another way into their house and don't have to dodge death each time they cross the threshold! The siggy blocks are amazing!

  10. Heh, I think that first block is from somewhere in the neighbourhood of Kansas ;o) Love the siggy block stitching

  11. Boy they look great together, don't they? I really like the windmill a whole lot :)

  12. My fave is the windmill, but they re all fab. There is a windmill in wraysbury, just 5 miles from Windsor. It's only about 25 years old. The FMQ looks great

  13. That windmill is absolutely adorable! Have a lovely, lovely weekend!


  14. Hi Nicky....found you back!

    Oh! Your quilts are delicious, you're 'sew' clever!

    Haven't got to it yet as I'm working my way thru other projects....but when I do...I know who to crib when I get stuck! This is a guarantee beacause I WILL get stuck!!!

    See you Tues? x

  15. Hey Diddle Diddle - is that the cat and the fiddle outside your Windmill House? You are just amazing with the fabric architecture Nicky!!!

  16. Your little houses are awesome!


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