Sunday, 15 January 2012

More Wonky houses!

One of the differences between my two wonky house blocks and others in the group is the size of the house in the block.  Mine were quite small meaning I needed a lot of background to make my 12.5" squares.

So I have scaled up the scrappy house and cut back on the background and voila here is a bigger version of my first block - minus the chimney - they use oil or gas I think!  Anyway it is warm enough to satisfy one little kitty napping in the window!

Here is my next block - an applique block

I need to finish all 11 blocks by mid February as I need to post them to the US and do not want to be late!  I also have siggy blocks to make....haven't really looked into that yet!


  1. Great blocks, I think you have found your true calling!

  2. love the blocks. You do Wonky so well he he.
    Love your fussy cutting and the bright colours you use.

  3. Great blocks but a very tight bee schedule. Not much time left for blog hopping and such!

  4. Hee hee, love the scrappy blocks

  5. Love the blocks, I can't wait to see what other houses you make...maybe the old woman who lived in a shoe's house?!


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