Saturday 21 January 2012

Resolved to Sew!

I have seen a few of these posts across blogland and quite frankly no wonder given the fabulous prizes on offer and the possibility of doubling your chance of winning by taking up this theme in a post.  But you do need to link up with Ali @ Very Berry Handmade to do so!  That bit is important !

Like lots of others I'd love to win this....Erin McMorris’s Summersault  from Backstitch

But all that aside it is good practice to review what you have achieved and to look forward to the new challenges to be tackled for the year ahead.

As I started my blog in March 2011 I was thinking of looking back on my blogiversary.  My first review will therefore be on March 4 2012.  

So this post should be about looking forward I guess....?!

My plan for this year is.....

[as there are no more photos relating to this post I will be posting pics of my cat Saffy]

1  More Free Motion Quilting - I started FMQing with Cindy last year for the FMQ Friday and with practice got better and hope to keep it up - with that in mind I signed up to 2 FMQ projects 

fmqaygqalfmqml at  Quokka Quilts - it is an FMQ Quilt as you go Quilt Along!  And good progress has been made by lots of people but I haven't started yet!

Free Motion Quilt Challenge at Sew Cal Gal - I have looked at the video but have not entered anything.  However the leaves pattern in the video inspired  the hearts I quilted on the twinkle! baby quilt I just finished!  I hope that counts??

Bit of a half hearted start!

This is Saffy saying hello to Bob, the crane made for me by Elisa, in her own little way....

2 Join a Bee! - Well I have joined Kat's Sew & Bee Happy and was already in the lovely Judith's charity Bee Blessed from last year.

I have finished my first bee blocks for none other than Cindy and have caught up with Judith's too!  This seems to be on track at the moment!

< Well hello Bob!  How are you doing?  How are things swinging with you? >

3  More Swaps!  I have joined two -

The Wonky House Blocks Swap   - but I have to tell you this is only the start - plans are afoot to take over Wonkyland and add trees, stars, 4-patches and log cabins and who knows whatever wonky other thing!

and the Mouthy Stitches Swap - we are making pouches under the cosh leadership of Hadley, Susan and Cindy!

Personal one-on-one swaps! I am in one of these and secretly working on something I will reveal when finished!   

<  What me????  I ain't done nothin'!  >

4 Finish my UFOs - to help me in this endeavour I have joined up with Rhonda's Finish along in the hopes that I can focus and get more finished as I am good at starting not so good at finishing!  One quilt is finished among my selected four projects!  Will have to push it along to meet my target or roll them forward ....bit like the lotto rollover??  But without the money!

<Just a minute - what have you got there??>

5 Paper/foundation piecing - I don't hate it - I just don't love it.... yet!  I am getting more used to it though with the wonky block swap and more wonkiness to follow.  When I say yeah I love paper piecing then I think I can say I will have completed this one...?

<Let me have a taste of that....!>

Well that is it - enough to be going on with and there is one more thing I am looking forward to in 2012 - The Fat Quarterly Retreat in London in June !  Please say hello if you see me there!

  < Mmmmmm Cheese! >

Temptation in cat form.....


  1. Lol, nutty cat (and owner ;o) ) Love your resolutions anyway

  2. You don't have time to blog. You've too much sewing to do! Your cat is daft too. Just thought I would add that in. ;-)

  3. I love how you've included the photo/story of Saffy in this post-- very cute!! And how ironic that I've been so busy working with this paper-piecing class that I haven't been reading blogs-- but today I woke up extra early and decided to take some time to read-- and lo and behold,, I got to see Saffy playing with Bob!! Good luck with the giveaway (it looks yummy!) and you have quite the ambitious list of projects!! Looking forward to seeing your progress and finishes!

  4. Wow! You are going to be a busy girl this year, Nicky! Good for you to have a plan of attack...unlike me....who just muddles through. LOL! Saffy is a cutie and I am sure a big help in the sewing room :)

  5. I am not going to start a cat rant - I won;t let my kids see her or the begging will start again!!

  6. Great resolutions, and lovely to see Saffy so friendly now! Must go do an Elliecat post to wind up Hads ;-)

  7. What a list Nicky!!! Of course I will be saying hello :)

  8. Love the photos of Saffy, particularly the one of her standing on her hind legs looking at the fabric (well, the treat just out of shot!!). Good luck with your resolutions!


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