Monday 30 January 2012

A Tease....!

I have been working on a secret project for a few months and one element of that is complete!  I am quite excited about it and am hoping it will be warmly received...?

I did wonder about showing you a little teasing glimpse as the person this project is going to does read my blog...

Well maybe I could show you a little bit....

Are you intrigued?

I am also working myself up to designing something for my partner in the Mouthy Stitches swap!  I am going to be as good as I can and keep as close as I can to her mosaic - sorry I cannot show you what that is because that would rather give the game away!  

Anyway several participants have been making practice pouches so I thought I'd make one as well...

I used a little FM applique I made last year - which is my Flickr icon - and have made it into a little zipped pouch.  I used some of the green Metroliving dot fabric I got as the lining.

My first effort at the back of the pouch involved some FMQ flowers but I just didn't like it so I did something I never do - I unpicked it!  

Shows how much I love that applique!  I prefer this plain old dotty fabric I got from the Makery when I subscribed to Molly Makes!

Now I love my new little pouch!  All I need do now is fill it up!


  1. Delightful!! No idea what you are up waiting for you to reveal all xxxxxxxxxx

  2. oh I love intrigue!!
    The pouch looks so cute, love the applique and I agree with the back (flowers not my taste, sorry!) - dot's are always great!

  3. Your sneak peek looks very log cabinish. Hmmmm?! And I love that pouch but have no idea what was wrong with those wee flowers you fmq'd.

  4. You tease!! Love the pouch - what are you going to fill it with?!

  5. I really like the colors in your peek - can't wait to see more!
    I love, love, love the little pouch. Adorable!

  6. ...oh Nicky!! Forget the tease...I love, Love, LOVE the little pouch...dEEElicious! x

  7. Hmmm wonder what the sneaky peak is.... I think susans right, it does look log cabin-y...

  8. Is the sneaky anything to do with what you mentioned over at Sheila's?

    The Little Red Riding Hood looks totally at home on the purse x

  9. you tease!
    Love your use of your little red riding hood, she looks even more gorgeous.

  10. can't wait to see all of it! I love the pouch!

  11. Oh you're such a tease! Love the pouch - v.cute!Jxo

  12. I am intrigued ! and love the pouch - the applique is gorgous and thanks for telling me what that fabric is - I've seen it a bit and wondered what it was - now I can go searching for metro living - yay :)

  13. What a lovely purse - really sweet!

    Pomona x

  14. I am intrigued too, and you already know I love the little red riding hood :) x


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