Wednesday 18 January 2012

Sew & Bee Happy!

I joined the Sew & Bee Happy bee after a little chat with Kat at Mumma's Time to Create when I divulged that one of my goals this year was to join a bee!

I then chatted to Cindy @ Fluffy Sheep Quilting and she brought Judith @ Rags to Bags in with her!  Yeah!

So having had a bit of a wobbly joining a bee where I only knew one person I find I am in a happy little group of known people and feeling quite at home!  Not quite so scary then going to meet the new ones!

Anyway Cindy just dived straight in and is Queen for January and asked for this block (hope you don't mind me borrowing this photo Cindy from your fluffy blog ??)

from this book

Well I was back to feeling intimidated but when I actually got down to it, it was only a little bit more difficult than the wonky blocks I had done for the twinkle!  baby quilt.

So here are my blocks 

Hope Miss Cindy likes them!?   

Couldn't resist Miss Fluffy sort of expresses how I feel about joining the bee and meeting friends and making blocks I thought were going to be hard but weren't quite impossible after all!


  1. Yours are great! I love that little frog! Not so much the sheep (Cindy won't mind, she knows I'm scared of them!!)! Nice fabrics too :)

  2. And they're adorable! Thank you Nicky - they're so perfectly personal and just screaming opposed to Lucy screaming and running from the fluffy sheep. We really need to work on that :)

  3. Love the frog and sheep! Your blocks are fabulous and you are an essential part of the bee.

  4. fantastic! Love the fabrics and the little fussy cut frog and sheep.

  5. They look brilliant - perfect for Ms C x

  6. Hee hee, was going to say I loved the frog, and then I spotted the sheep - perfect!

  7. They're wonderful - I love all the fussy cutting you did, well worth the effort!

  8. Bees are fab, hope you enjoy it, your first blocks look great.


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