Wednesday 6 March 2013

Wonky on....

Yes I have pushed the wonky quilt one step beyond what we saw last time!

This quilt is sheer madness and like the Cheshire Cat says in Alice in Wonderland 'we are all mad around here' ...

After a bit of a conversation with the lovely and ever so helpful Katy I was persuaded to go with a babycord backing for this quilt.  I happened to have bought some recently from Shaukat for pouches/bags and the like in a beautiful bright orange!   (Shaukat has lots of Liberty - need I say more!)

Believe me,  I was nervous of quilting this I have to say and was not going to attempt the quilt as one whole thing so I have opted for quilting a row at a time and will piece them together after quilting some detail in these houses full of fun. 

So far so good!  My first row is quilted and it isn't one awful mess at the back, it shows up the quilting, it wasn't even a nightmare to quilt !  So thanks Katy I am giving this the thumbs up and have ordered more of the same delicious soft cord and will continue....[and it has arrived already - talk about a speedy overnight service ]

The reason I wanted something a bit tough on the back was that I am hoping we will have a summer this year - either that or I'll be taking the nightboat to Cairo I think - and that this could be a rug for outside if not a picnic rug!

I know my girl Clarissa would love to lie around with friends chatting in the garden....maybe fending a greedy pup away from a pile of food!  

Must say I am really enjoying this - it must be love!

Ok, how many did you find (wink)?


  1. I have to tell you, I love the house on the hill! It reminds me of San Francisco! Looking forward to seeing the completed quilt!

  2. it's fab! I love the quilting :-D

  3. The weather was teasing us yesterday so maybe you will get chance to have that picnic. Better let the ground dry up a bit first though. It is going to be the most magnificent picnic quilt.

  4. It looks great! I love the quilting

  5. I would never have thought of baby cord but it looks great and I like it when the quilting shows on the underside. Di x

  6. Looks great. Your quilting is always inspired. And if summer doesn't come then I am on that boat to Cairo with you.

  7. It is indeed looking great - I bet you can't wait for the cord to arrive!

  8. It looks wonderful and the cord back is a great idea!

  9. Glad you have found your happy place xxx


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